Creating Blocks via External Script

(Palas) #1


I’m in a team that is developing a visual novel using Blox Game Systems and VN Engine. However, since our writers are not well-versed in programming or Unity, we want to use a visual scripting system to act as an interface between the text and BGS, so that BGS can create its blocks automatically from an external script.

How can we do that? We have decompiled the two DLL files needed for that, and have succeeded in creating a block without compiling errors. However, the created block doesn’t show up in the flowchart. So, my question is: how can we get BGS to create blocks in the flowchart remotely?

(Leslie Young) #2

By FlowChart you mean the FlowGraph system? The FlowGraph nodes are classes derived from FlowNodeHandler with an editor side script derived from FlowNodeEd to handle the drawing of the node. Every node needs an editor side script which will help the FlowGraph editor pick up on that node’s existence and present it in the list of nodes available.

Have a look at the source code in these folders to see how these classes are created.


Let me know if you need some additional examples. Creating your own nodes is not documented but I can send you more source that might be useful in understanding the editor side, in private.

(Palas) #3

Leslie, thank you! We’ve started looking into the source codes you mentioned. If we find any problems, I’d love to talk to you in private.