Cryengine Humble Bundle offer

(Terry Morgan) #1

Some of it’s free, get all 50 gb for $13, might be worth it

4 days left in offer it looks like.

(Leslie Young) #2

Grabbed it the other day since it was such a low price. Did not download it yet though. Are the files, especially the ones from Ryse, in a format like FBX or Collada which one can open in Unity or a 3D tool or in Cyrengine’s proprietary format?

(Terry Morgan) #3

I only opened 2 Madison Pike characters, they’re Maya files, my Maya LT wouldn’t
open them so I got a student copy of Maya 2016, the animations are separate, haven’t exported
to Unity yet, waiting for a Maya expert to explain it all. All non-Madison Pike stuff is cryengine
proprietary, not to be used elsewhere. I have no interest in any engine that requires a separate
video card, 90% of computers have onboard video I’m guessing.

There’s a button in Maya called ‘export to Unity’ so it can’t be too difficult ;–]

(Leslie Young) #4

You can simply export to FBX from Maya since that is what Unity supports. … or use this Unity export button you talk of I guess. Been a long time since I’ve used Maya so I do not know what is available in the latest version.

It is a shame about the proprietary format for the other models though. I do not really plan on using Cryengine for any serious deving. Will see if there is a way to convert those files later when I actually need them.

(Terry Morgan) #5

The models and animations are separate, Maya’s a train wreck anyway, I had to learn a little of it
because there were free .mb files out there.

Info on what’s in there and license, it looks like the static props have .obj and .fbx versions

(Terry Morgan) #6

from the Unreal Post about the Madison Pike stuff-

‘Everything but MoCap Animation Pack - Basic Military Rifle, MoCap Paintball FPS , the Crytek packs, and Illfonic Survival are all assets created for cancelled title Human Element from the now defunct Robotoki, formerly owned and run by Robert Bowling, who is now Head of Publishing @ Humble Bundle.’

human element video

So it’s a bunch of Zombie Apocalypse stuff I guess

(Terry Morgan) #7

That movie looks great, too bad the game didn’t fly. I used locate32 to find 642 FBX files in
the Characters, so it looks like I could copy them over to Unity project and assign the animations,
they’re really high poly though 15,000, 25,000, etc.

(Leslie Young) #8

Nice. I am planning a game set in a post apoc world so these might come in handy then.

wow… it is over 50Gb of assets o.O
this will take a while to download.

(Terry Morgan) #9

I had to go to the college in town, my home bandwith tops out at 90K per second
the one at the college is 11MB/sec tops, usually 8. I got 45 GB in 90 min, have to
go back for the vehicles. It’ll take a while to process the 15-25K models to
something usable. Games are going through a transition, big companies
are fading out, amateur hobbyists will be the only ones left, just check, gamejolt, indiegames, I have way more (bad) demos to play than
years left. :–}