Custom Button(for the open world map)/Open world mapping/Day And Night Cycle/pause menu/Autosave

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I’m planning to make a dating sim that is quite similar to SimGirls. However, there are some things that I want to know if whether you can answer it or just leave it, either way I appreciate it if you can response to it or not.
Also, I will put my Document(proposal) just to help you get the picture.
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Btw, I just wanna say thank you on answering my previous question, your answer really worked out

  1. I want to make an open world like Dating sim that can has interaction to where they want to go and what they want to do. What I want to know is that I wanna make custom button that has images of the places(ex. shop, park, home) and interact them by clicking to get the players to their wanted destination. Are there any ways to make images into buttons?

  2. I’m planning on making an open world map that can let the player encounter certain events, such as meeting one of the heroines in a specific or random location(you can ignore the random part if it’s too hard), going in to a specific action that gives the player affection points or stats such as STR, AGI or INT(that’s just my concept) and Events that can encounter on a specific time or day(Day and night cycle of the game) and Location. Are there any tips that you know how to manage or make that?

  3. I know I should be the one who suppose to figure this, but I need some little advice. I want to make a game that has Day and Night Cycle where the players can sleep from Day 1 to Day 2. Are there any advice to how to make this happen?

  4. I need to know how to make a pause menu where the player manages his inventory, checking the status of the character, configuring the options, and quitting the game without loosing progress. It has to be not during the dialogue sequence or an event where they reasonably can’t manage their inventory.(don’t worry, I’m working on my own research on how to make a custom inventory using Vinoma).

  5. Lastly, Is there any possible way to have an autosave where there are specific events occur? Also, I’m planning to remove the Saving Button and the two Loading locations to have a specific load that the Autosave provides. Any ideas on that one?

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Document (154.5 KB)
Here’s the fixed ver

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  1. You might want to look into Hotspots. They could be used for a map/overworld and is capable of changing the active Vinoma scene.

  2. You will have a lot of Branch actions to decide where story flow should continue. So you might have some logic scene (Vinoma scene) which simply contains branche(s) and then sends the player off to the correct Vinoma scene to continue the story.

  3. Really do depend on your own design. You could for example force the player to enter the “sleep” state after certain points are reached in the story flow. A Sleep scene could consists of dialogue and background(s) which indicate the player is sleeping and then at the end of that scene you decide where the player should go next. If this decision is day based then simply keep a day variable up to date. Increment is before bed time and then a branch can check what the value is when the sleep scene is over.

  4. Have a look at how the gear icon (top-right) works. Atm it simply calls the main menu panel to show up but you could probably change it to show another panel.

  5. There is no auto-save support. You could propbably write a script which makes a call to LoadSaveController.Instance.SaveToSlot(int slot) to do a save.

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I’ve made my technique of making a custom autosave XD
However, I want to delete my savefile, is there a way to do it?

Also, are there any ways of giving animations to panels or transitions?

btw, thanks for answering my question, this is very helpful for me
I really love Vinoma and I want to learn more about it