Customizing the Vinoma Setup

(Giuseppe Villella) #1

Just a thought, would it be possible to create a second Dialogue box and have it work independantly from the original dialogue box. The reason is I am making a quiz app and the original dialogue box will still be used for dialogue between characters and players. But the second dialogue box will be used as a chalkboard interface where the questions will be presented to the players in the form of typewriter text and a chalk type font.

So, is it possible to use two separate and differently located dialogue boxes in the same scene, or even in different scenes without having to relocate and change the dialogue boxes on the fly and of course two different font styles.

Would it be possible to just duplicate the original dialogue box, name it something else, change some of the parameters and simply introduce it as a new dialogue box element.

(Leslie Young) #2

No, there is not a way to tell the Vinoma Dialogue action to use your second window rather than the default one.

(Giuseppe Villella) #3

I figured that out already, so I’m adjusting my quiz app to work with just one dialogue box for the chalk on the blackboard animation using the typewriter effect. I can use text png graphics and pure audio dialogue to convey any other conversations and information, thanks for your help.