Customs scripts and a few basic questions


Hello, I was wondering if you are available to make some custom scripts for a fee/charge? I’m pretty much a programming noobie but I figured it would be easy for you since you already understand the Vinoma framework and for that matter since they are fairly simple I bet you have written similar scripts already.

I’m not 100% sure customs scripts are necessary but I’m looking to do two things that I don’t see in Vinoma currently.

First, I’m using the UI Text Updater as a health gauge & I would like to have it when the variable value reaches (0) on the counter that the game ends or restarts from the beginning. I would want everything to reset … So, I think maybe a script or 2 that goes to another slide on (0) that says Game Over and then another that goes to the main menu/restart would be fine.

The second issue that I’m looking to resolve is the hotspots. On part of the game, I am running a timer and if time runs out … it goes back to the beginning of a scene but I think i’m having issues with hotspots already being active and getting random triggering in the game when doing this. So, I was wondering if there might be a way or a script that can remedy this for me?

My ultimate goal is to convert this game to mobile and when the player has a “Game Over” the player will see an AD.

I don’t know if you are able to do any of this or can point me in the right direction but I feel like I’m working on a pretty solid project but I just have trouble with some of the technical.

I appreciate any help you could provide and wanted to say I love Vinoma it’s a great program



(Leslie Young) #2

Sorry, I do not contract work.

hotspots already being active

Hotspots areas do not have state. You choose when to make it active and when an area in a hotspots object is clicked it will de-activate (if you have auto-disable enabled); else you need to manually disable it with another Hotspots action. So I do not think hotspots is the problem you experience when jumping back to the start of a scene. Of course, if the hotspots object was active while you jump back to the start then it stays active. You need to disable it if it should not be active.

Vinoma works under the assumption that everything flows via Actions so if you have some custom scripts changing that flow then you need to make sure you are in control of what is visible at the time you make the flow change.


Ok, i’ll try that in regards to the hotpots.

Could you at least maybe advise how I might be able to redirect back to the main menu from the game scene?

(Leslie Young) #4

Via Button click you add a a new OnClick() event. Add VinomaGUI GameObject as reference and choose VinomaGUI > ResetPanels(false) function to call on button click.

Via scripting, look at docs and guide on custom scripts, and add a function which makes the following call.