Dialogue Button

(Carine Rousseau) #1


Sorry for my English, I’m French.
When I touch Scene Button, the dialogue skips.
Would it be possible to have a button to advance the dialogue rather than touch anywhere on the screen? So I’ll be sure that pressing another button does not interfere with the dialogue.
Or it’s only when you touch the dialogue box (and not the screen) that the dialogue is moving forward, it would be good too.

Thank you

(Leslie Young) #2

Grab 1.3.5 when it is on asset store.

(Carine Rousseau) #3

Thanks ! It works very well with the mouse, but not with the Touchscreen. Do I need to configure it somewhere?

(Leslie Young) #4

I do not officially support mobile/touch devices with any of my tools.
I have no idea what could be wrong if it does not work with touch.
On the code side touch should simulate mouse input, which is what I use.

(Carine Rousseau) #5

It’s strange, because it worked before 1.3.5. and other buttons still work with touch screens.
As I develop for mobile, can you tell me how to go back to the previous version (before the update 1.3.5), please?

(Leslie Young) #6

Oh, ye the changes made to prevent clicking outside the dialogue panel area might be causing this since they depended on detecting pointer entering and existing the area. I’ll try another method and PM you a test copy.