Dungeon Crawler Tutorial - Experience Bar

(Marc Johnson) #1

Following the tutorial everything works great up to #5 Experience Bar.
Learning quite a bit, but probably moving too fast. In any event, my experience bar does not move or change as in the video. Figured I missed something (watch, pause, do, repeat) so I started over after running through the tutorial to the end. Same result.
My xp bar looks like this in game mode:

In Unity these are the settings as following the editor:

I thought the problem was here:

Though after going through it multiple times - no luck.
Did notice this however, and now sure how to troubleshoot this. I tried recreating Experience in the plyGame menu and as stated ran through the tutorial again.

Sorry for wall of images, but I wanted to include as much information as possible.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Leslie Young) #2

I am guessing you are referring to itsmars ’ tutorial series. He’s not been active here for over a year+ so do not expect an answer fro him. Maybe try commenting on the video you viewed.

Personally I am not familiar with the ideas and logical flow explained in video series so I can not comment on any specifics.

I can not see where you use the “String Format” block in the screenshot above but make sure all fields have blocks in them where you use it. It can also be that you are running into a very rare bug which occur when you copy blocks and they become unlinked from the main structure. But you mention you did recreate the experience Blox’ On LateUpdate event so that can not be it.

(Marc Johnson) #3

Thank you for the reply. Yeah I saw that he has not been active for some time. There have not really been any comments on the video for about a year+ so I decided to come here.

On the upside. I did find the issue. It was a double nested blox (second from the bottom).