(RaiuLyn) #1

Version 0.4.1
EasySave2_plyGame_0.4.1.unitypackage (11.6 KB)

EasySave2 asset:


Note: Be sure to backup your project folder before putting in as I do not wish to be responsible for breaking your project like mine did while making it.

Note2: Leslie’s files are not necessary. Just use the package I provided from now on.

(D'Angelo Leonard) #2

very nice will check it out when im home

(Pangeran Wiguan) #3

Well done for the plugin. :slight_smile:

(RaiuLyn) #4

For people who haven’t check the new update or don’t have the asset, the newest version has gone restructured. Meaning that the save files created with the new version can’t be loaded with the old version. Once you go newest update, you can’t go back basically.

The good news is the newest update provided the Type Manager Editor. What it does is it creates a new type for EasySave2 to save using classes, at least that’s what I think it does.

The positive side: You don’t have to save every variable in a class. Define it with the Type Manager and it allows to to just save a whole class instead. Though some variable types aren’t supported so you have to define those as well if you want to define the class into a type.
The negative side: I don’t know how I would approach in making custom defined types into blocks.

(RaiuLyn) #6

Woah. I didn’t think you were this fast. Thanks Leslie! :smile:

Looking at the scripts, I expected more functions being called, to be honest. But regardless, it will help me a lot in making more blocks and such. Now I have to finish adding a default save location field onto the editor and make blocks reference that instead of defining it on the blocks themselves.

Though I’m a bit curious to why SetString and GetString only has a virtual property and not the other variable types like bool, float, etc…

(Aleksandr) #7

Assets/plyg+es2/LoadSave_EasySave2.cs(5,14): error CS0101: The namespace global::' already contains a definition forLoadSave_EasySave2’

(RaiuLyn) #8

It means the files Leslie provided is conflicting with mine. Don’t worry, I will be uploading a new version soon.

(RaiuLyn) #10

Update Notes:

  • Added Leslie’s files
  • Revamped the ES2 blocks
  • Added ‘Encryption’ option
  • Added ‘Application.dataPath’ option instead of the default ‘Application.persistantDataPath’
  • Added ‘Delete’ block

Note: Be sure to delete the EasySave2_plyGame folder prior to this before importing.

In the end, I decided not to put a default save location field on the editor as that would restrict into saving in one location as opposed to the freedom of saving each data into different places(ex. different folders in different file paths).


Many heartfelt thanks for the ES2 Provider profile folks.

I basically refused to start working on a game project until I felt like I got a solid save and load system down pat.
Every player’s secret wish is that their saves wouldn’t get wiped during early access on steam, but sometimes they have to face the inevitability of such occurrence. It still helps to minimize such occurrences though.

While I am a Noobie developer, I still believe in a good foundation and good architecture. I think PlyGames provides just that, and is now pretty much perfect with ES2.

Thanks again!

p.s. Don’t worry, i’m not naïve enough to believe PlyGame is infallible, and that my save games will never be rendered inoperable, but you know… It’s the best around for us designers. Keep up the good work.

(RaiuLyn) #12

Alright! Version 0.3 Beta is out. Thanks for waiting. :slight_smile:
For some reason, I can’t edit my first post in this topic so I’m posting it here instead.
EasySave2_plyGame_0.3.unitypackage (21.6 KB)

Here’s the changelog:
Added Variable Blocks of all data types(So you don’t have to define a temp var to grab it)
Added a new Save Path location - MyComputer/User/Documents/
Revised all blocks

Important Note: Remove old EasySave2_plyGame folder before importing if you have it. Unfortunately since I revised the all blocks, I cannot guarantee the revised blocks will be able to maintain current setups so you might have to look at your saving and loading Blox again. On the bright side, it’s much more cleaner to look at compared to prior versions.

(Artie) #13

sup! Sorry if I’m late to the party lol Love what you got going on here and just had the time to take a quick look at easysave just now!
Was able to save thru my own User Doc Path with your plugin thru plyblox and it definitlys help if anybody is thinking of doing an episodic game… like what I am currently thinking of lol

I was wondering if it’s possible to set the ‘User path’ as a global thing. Currently it’s saving any PersistableObject components where unity’s playerpref would save in…if that’s understandable ^^; I saw you had something going on in the editor file but, you commented it out the path option. Wondering if you’re having some trouble with it.

Love what you are doing with this though and excited with the thought! ^^

(RaiuLyn) #14

Likewise, I do have an idea of an episodic game myself but it’s like way down in my wanted-to-do list. That is if I can find the right people for it.

It is possible to set “User Path” as a global thing and as to what you said about the commented path option, I did get it barely working at one point through plyGame editor but it didn’t get saved when closing Unity hence I stopped due to frustration and pushed it out early. Now that I’ve come back and looking over the code, I think I’m close to getting rid of said problem. After that, I’ll be looking at revising its plyblocks and anything else to add before release.

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

Looking forward to it! I just purchased easy save since its $10 off, on the madness sale.

(Artie) #16

That’s good to hear ur still tackling it! ^^ and totally grateful for your contributions!

Would be funny to do something like psycomantis easteregg in metal gear. Having an easteregg of what games used plygame, the player had saved Haha

(RaiuLyn) #17

Version 0.4 Beta is here! Be sure to remove its old folder before importing!!!


  • [plyGame] New and improved LoadSave editor
  • Global path is a thing now for when plyGame is saving and loading PersistableObjects and such. No more going anywhere near unity’s playerpref anymore.
  • Note: You can mix and match if you like. For example, saving user’s save session at UserDocument through ‘Global’ while saving user’s permanent stats in GameFolder through plyBlox.
  • [plyBlox / blocks] Added a new Save Path location - MyComputer/User/Desktop/. (Because reasons.)
  • [plyBlox / blocks] Cleaned and revised EasySave2 blocks
  • [plyBlox / blocks] Fixed some blocks. Ex. ‘Load_Transform’ block
  • [plyBlox / blocks] Removed ‘Transform_variable’ block.

With the editor done, getting this plugin out of Beta seems possible now.

(Guillermo Vilas) #18

Hello raiulyn, it is not clear to me if I should import your package or use the one that leslie posted above. Having both throws conflicting error in the Unity Editor.
Thanks for your advice.

(RaiuLyn) #19

Just mine. I have changed the OP to make it clearer for others.

(mrzgame) #20

I can’t use it to get plyvar and save.
However, can be preserved by means of the invariant
Everything is no errors
Didn’t seem to identify variable has a value of preservation

(mrzgame) #21

Why not
Can’t read GlobalVar values

(RaiuLyn) #22

That’s odd. It was working when I was bug-testing it. Will put out a quick update for it.

Update: Save functions should work now in Version 0.4.1.