Errors with Unity 2017.3.0b11

(Chester) #1

Hi there,

I met several errors when I imported plygame in version Unity 2017.3.0b11, so I would like to know if it applies with this version or latest one. And more importantly, is there anyone who can please give some help?

(Leslie Young) #2

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I met several errors when I imported plygame

Please provide the errors you got, Read this > When Reporting Errors

2017.3.0b11 sounds like a beta version.
You might want to upgrade to the release version of 2017.3 since it has been out for a while now.

(Chester) #3

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for your reply. I updated my Unity to the latest one, and no error appears so far. I have also viewed your link. So I need to pick Category Other to post my errors if I have any?

(Leslie Young) #4

no no… I meant for you to read the post :wink:
It describes best way to post console/error messages here so that it is easier for me to find what the problem is.