Eternal Path - Android MMO [0.1.7]

(DarkDeivel) #1

Hi all! I already somehow showed the screenshots of my project. In the end, I changed the platform, but the project did not shower and finalize in my spare time.

Game forum:

Thanks to this forum for the help!

I also work on the localization of the English language.

You can also join the game testing! I do not always start the server, the server status can be seen here:

Current game version: 0.1.7

Gameplay video:


With old knight model on test:

(DarkDeivel) #2

NEW VERSION - 0.1.5 [25.10.2017]


  • 1 new enemy.
  • Now you can apply the spell from the menu.
  • Players in the “Elion” location can capture obelisks from each other.
  • Capture of the obelisk gives a 5% bonus experience when killing opponents.


  • More text translated for English version.
  • The maximum level was - 35.
  • An access code is no longer required for registration.
  • The number of mana required to use the Power Strike skill.
  • Calculation of experience and dropping gold from some opponents.

(DarkDeivel) #3

NEW VERSION - 0.1.6 [09.11.2017]


  • 2 new enemies.
  • 1 new quest.
  • Added debuff system.
  • English keyboard for chat.


  • More text translated for English version.
  • The prices of weapons in the store.


  • The number of expiring experience after the death of the player.
  • An error caused by death in a cave.
  • Additional work on optimization.
  • Experience display in the character selection menu.

(DarkDeivel) #4

NEW VERSION - 0.1.7 [07.12.2017]


  • 2 new attributes in character status.
  • Rest mode will be activated if you hold down the health indicator for one second.
  • Now you can attack other players (PVP system)
  • If you kill defenceless players you will get karma points and a killer status. (PK)
  • Respawn points for PK.
  • Players with PK status cannot interact with neutral NPCs.
  • You will be warned about possibilities to learn skills
  • Private messages in chat will be highlighted.
  • 1 soundtrack.
  • Selecting the main language within registration (for notifications).
  • Rest animation for champions of warrior class.


  • More English text added.
  • Maximum level is now 37.
  • Increased prices for equipment.
  • Players with PK status cannot use “Scroll: Back”.
  • Main menu.


  • Correct synchronization of all players attributes.