Export Problem ! urgent!

(Furkan Aktaş) #1

When I export the game, I have problems with the dimensions.

This is the situation at Unity. There is no problem, everything is in place.

this is the exported state. The location of the texts is changing. I tried it in all sizes. That’s what happens.

and the game is never full screen. they always have margins.

Can you help me, Leslie? Please.

Could this be the problem? While everything is being resized, the background is not dimensioned.

(Leslie Young) #2

The UI and background image are doing their own things relative to the screen.

I’d suggest not making the shaded boxes part of the background. Take them out, let the background only be the clean buildings image. Those shaded boxes should be panels in the UI so they can scale and reposition when the UI system scales/ moves objects.

(Furkan Aktaş) #3

New Problem… I updated the Unity version. I have updated the BGS version. When I open the BGS sample project I get this error. I ruined everything. I’m going to cry.

[null: GameIsActive > ] :: Error encountered while de-serializing FlowNode. You might be able to resolve this issue by simply restarting Unity. Type not found: BGSVNEngine.FLowNode_GameInfo, BGSEngine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
BGSEngine.FlowNode:Log(LogType, String) (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEngine/FlowGraph/FlowNode.cs:124)
BGSEngine.FlowNode:Deserialize(FlowGraph) (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEngine/FlowGraph/FlowNode.cs:214)
BGSEngine.FlowGraph:OnAfterDeserialize() (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEngine/FlowGraph/FlowGraph.cs:863)
BGSEngine.GroupedDataGroup1:OnAfterDeserialize() (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEngine/Common/GroupedData/GroupedDataGroup.cs:17) BGSEngine.GroupedData2:OnAfterDeserialize() (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEngine/Common/GroupedData/GroupedData.cs:407)
UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:LoadAssetAtPath(String, Type)
BGSEditor.EdUtil:LoadAsset(String) (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Common/EdUtil.cs:24)
BGSEditor.EdGlobal:get_DataGetterGraph() (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Global/EdGlobal.cs:235)
BGSEditor.EdGlobal:DelayCall() (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Global/EdGlobal.cs:314)

Is the new BGS version not compatible with the BGSVN sample?

(Leslie Young) #4

The error you get at bottom is because you are still using a node which has long been deprecated and removed a few versions back. First I would suggest deleting this copy of the project and restoring the backup you made before upgrading. Then fix that node problem by replacing the one you used from VNEngine with this one, Common > Game Info. Now backup everything again and then try importing the latest version of BGS.

As for those warnings. You should not be getting them, except if you have not been updating for a while. There was a problem during update 0.10 which caused scripts to be detached from objects. See update notes. I explain there how they can be fixed.

If you are unable to click on the icon I show in the image (for update 0.10 notes) then turn the Inspector into Debug mode by selecting it from the drop-down at the top-right of the Inspector. It is a little button next to a lock icon.

The scripts are as follow - just enter the name in the search box of the scripts list window that comes up

  • BGSEdSettings for Assets\ProjectData\EdResources\BGSEdSettings.asset
  • GameDataDefsAsset for Assets\ProjectData\EdResources\BGSGameDataDefs.asset
  • NotesAsset for Assets\ProjectData\EdResources\NotesAsset.asset
  • DataGetterFlowGraph for Assets\ProjectData\Resources\BGSDataGetterGraph.asset
  • DataSetterFlowGraph for Assets\ProjectData\Resources\BGSDataSetterGraph.asset
  • GlobalFlowGraph for Assets\ProjectData\Resources\BGSFlowGraph.asset

For the objects in your scenes, the one you show for example in mage two, you can search for the appropriate script and put it back on. It will depend on what that UI element was, to fix it. In the one your show it seems to be aTextMesh Pro component/script that is not linked. Not sure why a reference to that would be lost, except if you changed from the Asset Store version to the Package Manager version of TextMesh Pro. You may also find BGS > Other > Missing scripts Finder useful to find objects in the scene that are missing scripts.

(Furkan Aktaş) #5

Confirmation Panel is not working. I can not hit Okay or cancel. How can I fix ?

(Leslie Young) #6

From which sample package is this?

(Furkan Aktaş) #8

I corrected the problem. Thank you, Leslie.