Extra plyBlox Blocks and Components

(Leslie Young) #1

Some extra/ custom Blocks and Components.

Extra Blocks & Components

extrablocks-0251.unitypackage (47.3 KB)

: Components

  • plyGame/Misc/BloxCustomEventTrigger - This will help trigger Custom events when you want to also send some parameter values along.
  • plyGame/Misc/UI/BloxOnToggleStateChange - This can be used to trigger a Blox event when a Toggle’s value changed. The Temp Variable called param1 will be set to the value passed by the Toggle’s On Value Change event.
  • plyGame/Misc/UI/BloxOnSliderValueChange - This can be used to trigger a Blox event when a Slider’s value changed. The Temp Variable called param1 will be set to the value passed by the Slider’s On Value Change event.

Extra Blocks (for Sample UI)

extrablocks-ui-0001.unitypackage (1.5 KB)


Here’s some Blocks for the DOTween Tweening lib. http://dotween.demigiant.com/

DOTween_Blocks.unitypackage (2.2 KB)

plyBlox Blocks for triggering Blox 3 Events

Blox3EventTrigger.unitypackage (1.4 KB)

An example of using plyGame/Misc/BloxCustomEventTrigger

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(Todd) #2

Very cool. Especially the mouse hit point. Thanks Leslie!

(Leslie Young) #3

Updated with

  • Input > Misc > Screen Pick :: Return GameObject that was under screen position and on specified layer and within distance.
  • Input > Misc > Screen To WorldPoint :: Screen To WorldPoint
  • Items > Items (plyRPG) > Total Item Defs :: Return a number indicating how many Items were defined.

(Leslie Young) #4

added some Blocks for DOTween, see 1st post for link.

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Character > Skills (plyRPG) > Remove all Skills :: Remove all Skill from the Actor.
  • Misc > Misc > Set Camera MinMax Distance :: Change min and max zoom distance of camera

(Jamie pearce) #6

will these blocks be added to plygame or should i download and store these block for future projects

(Leslie Young) #7

The ones added to this pack will not be added to plyGame so you do not have to worry about conflicting blocks in the future.

(Leslie Young) #8

This has been updated with new blocks and components.

(Leslie Young) #9

added Blocks to trigger Blox 2 or 3 Events from plyBlox. See 1st post.

(Jamie pearce) #10

your min and max zoom block casts an error on the third person controller so i just deleted it

(Leslie Young) #12

3 posts were split to a new topic: Find child

Find child
(Leslie Young) #13

Guess there might be a use for this. Added a Curve Block under Maths. Provides you with basically the same thing you see when editing the XP/ Level curve in Actor Class. But this allows you to get a value from the curve for other things where needed.

(Jamie pearce) #14

hey leslie could you make a get child block that differs from the current one

the current get child block will get the child at the specified index

the new one should should return what number position the child is infor example (button in child position 3 would return an integer 2 since 0 is 1 under the hood)

if the child is the second child i want to get that info as a number like 1 since the first child is 0
this would help in creating universal buttons so you can just drop the button in many times and the bag value is to check based off the position self object is in the parent

example how i would use this block

i would make a bag button that looks in the inventory but its annoying numbering things manually if i use the get child block (custom one you make you could call it get child index or something)

i can use that in the block that is looking at the bag slot number 0 and so on based off the child’s position this would make things a whole lot quicker since you wouldn’t have to go back to re number each button

i hope you get the just of what im asking thanks in advance for your time

all youd be doing leslie is reversing how to get block works so instead of get child 0 in game object. instead lets do get child gameobject(self in my case) in gameobject and return position/index

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

Are you working on logic for the bag slot prefab?

Edit: what is this “button that looks in the inventory”?

(Jamie pearce) #16

ive made several fully functional custom inventories but my best one recently was corrupted due to a unity crash so now i have to start over thus why i want to get the position/index of the a child as interger the get child asks for an interger to get the object there but how about use self object and return the interger if its a child of an object

ill show a small example of what im doing

you see how the integer is manually set witch isnt fun to do with over 100 buttons XD

so replace that interger with a get child index (integer) block (i would get child integer self return index = w.e the position index number is if button 1 then it would = 0)

this works 100% as is but im trying to skip the manual numbering this would be helpful for everyone im sure

note this is the example from my bank so its not as advanced as my main ui actually was but yea this does what its ment to do show that there is an item in the inventory by setting the image then i will make and use an on click event to use the item in bag slot 0 but again would be better to get the slot number from the position/index of self in the parent

(Jamie pearce) #17

more or less its a completely custom ui since im working with photon blox XD (sample ui had way to many disconnection issues) when i had my full custom ui before the crashed corrupted it was working so flawlessly i have videos of it working on my youtube

(Ryan) #18

I’ve always had a hard time understanding what you actually want. Better to keep your posts short and to the point.
If you don’t want to set the child integer manually you’ll have to use a loop.

  • Here’s an example of what I did long ago to accomplish this;

Local var ‘invSlots’ is just the parent object to my inventory’s ‘slots’.
It’s really quite simple by doing it this way.

(Jamie pearce) #19

it mars made me the block and im sure leslie will add the block in the next update to the extra blocks if not theres a thread about it with it there much simpler i wasnt able to get the loop to function properly and for 1000 buttons i think it would still be to much with the new block its a breeze

(Marshall Heffernan) #20


The OnParticleCollision_Event script returns typeof EventHandler_Collision1.

The corresponding script is EventHandler_Collision3.

I renamed it myself, but that would be something to fix in the next version of extrablocks.