Feature Request: Single tile hallways (Autotile)


As mentioned on discord, TileEd is missing one major tile type in the autotile system; the ability to have a one tile hallway. This results in the smallet possible room being 3x3, often not suitable for interiors.

I propose the addition of three tiles to the autotile system to address this issue:

  • Opposing sides walls, to function as a one tile hallway
  • Walls on three sides, to function as an endcap to such hallways or as alcoves in larger rooms
  • Walls on four sides, for a single tile room. This tile would presumably become the default tile when no adjacent tiles are present. The current default, the floor only tile, would be used when adjacent to one or more other floors.

I recognise that this probably involves a fair few gotcha moments when implementing, particularly in regards to changing the floor only tile behaivour, but I think it would take TileEd that extra mile towards being truly indispensible.

Thanks for your time!

(Leslie Young) #2

update to 1.31. when it is up.


Thanks so much for your quick work on this! Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but it looks like it checks all the boxes.