Final build for Mac OSX resolution problems

(Giuseppe Villella) #1

Hi, I am trying to build a standalone 1024 x 768 version of my game for the mac desktop platform, but when the game is initialized on the desktop, a window always pops up asking for a specific resolution. The game I made is built for 1024 x 768 but when I choose this resolution the game starts with the resolution off what it’s supposed to be. I have tried many different settings in the Unity build player settings but nothing works. The only solution I have come up with is to go into the actual game’s settings and re-choose the 1024 x 768 settings which were already set at that resolution, then things work OK. Is there a way to resolve this at the Unity build stage and not afterwords in the actual game settings? I do not want to have to put in a splash page to tell players to go into the game settings to adjust the initial game settings that just points to a faulty game. Can you please come up with a solution thank you.

I am using Unity 2017.3.1 f1 and I’m on OSX 10.10.5, and the latest version of Vinoma

(Leslie Young) #2

The Unity “settings dialogue” can be disabled in Player Settings. You might also want to tweak some other settings there while at it (like default resolution).

Note that Vinoma will mess with the resolution when it initializes and finds save data related to resolution. So, since you have been running the game 's build on your mac you will have settings saved by Vinoma and which will be restored. It should be 1024x768 when you restart the game though (after having chosen that in the game’s UI). But 1st time users should see whatever you selected in the Player Settings to be default.

You can test a “new user” experience if you can find and delete the data Unity saves on mac. On windows that is in the registry. Easiest would probably be to just temporarily rename the product or company names (at the top of player settings) and make a new build so it loosk like a different game and get new save settings.