Find Cell in a Table

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #1

Hi there!I really need your help…
I have a table like on this image1 :


You see a table which has 8 cells (numbered on image 1) and every cell of table has 8 cells. I have a player that located in 4 cell of 4 cell of the table. I need to find green cells and change boolen in them…How Can I do that with BloxEd?

In Unity I have hierarchy like that:

(Leslie Young) #3

I think you are entering an area of development better solved with code than visual scripting.

To find some ideas on the logic needed to solve this you can google for “2D grid find neighbouring cells”. It might be hard to apply what you learn there to plyBlox though since you will need to access arrays or lists a lot.

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #4

Thanks, I will search…