First thing I made! Harvest and regrow!

(Daishi90) #1

It’s not a finished game or anything like that, but I watched a few tutorials and started to learn what the blox do and what not.

So I uploaded this short 4 min video to show what I got. It’s a simple system to harvest from a plant and have the graphic update as you harvest from it. Then you can water the plant to allow it to regrow. The timers were set to only 10 seconds just for the sake of the video.

I didn’t add any animations, and instead of harvesting mushrooms you’re harvesting hammers cause that’s the item I was playing with at the time.

It’s just the first thing I really created and it made me smile to see it working. Took me forever to figure out mecanim too, which I’m still messing with.


There’s also the bag system and items and equipping items and such in there too. But the point was you can harvest hammers from mushrooms, regrow mushrooms with an axe… And harvest more hammers from your mushrooms :stuck_out_tongue: