FREE Mixamo assets

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Note: This is off topic and has nothing to do with plyGame, plyRPG, plyBlox, etc. but I wanted to share, in case anybody out didn’t get the news:

Mixamo was purchased by Adobe 9 days ago. So… what does that mean?

  1. All models are now free. (whaaat?)

  1. When you sign up for a free account, you get 20 Free animations (a $300 value… whaaat?)

Animations include Dog, Wolf, Cat, Horse, Dragon, T-Rex and Human.

Human animations range from Zombie, Rifle, Sword and Shied, Longbow, Gestures, Locomotion, Axe, Melee, Monster, etc.

Choose your first 20 animations wisely, because after they run out, each animation costs $15.

I’m planning on picking up generic animations. such as Sit, Stand, Pick up, Grab, Cast spell, Wave, Shoot Bow, Swing Axe, etc.

When you Buy, or in this case, claim your free gift, the animations all come packed into a single character of your choosing. Don’t worry, you can use Mecanim to retarget these animations to any character in Unity.

(If I download a free sit and stand animation, I can use that animation, (which is inside of the Mixamo character) on any character.)

Just create an Animator Controller, drop in the animations, and make sure your Avatar is from the model you’re trying to play the animations on (not the avatar of the model that the animations came from).

More information on Mecanim can be found in @SubtleTechnology’s collection of posts.


Download Fuse Preview version 1.3 and get 78 body parts, 85 clothing items, 67 accessories, and 61 smart substances.

I’ve never used FUSE, but judging by the description, it lets you build custom characters without having to sculpt in Z-Brush, or mess with vertices and polygons in Blender or 3DS Max. Sounds pretty cool.

Now, I’m assuming when you’re done making you’re character, you need it rigged (put skeleton/BIP/bones inside).

As of 9 days ago, FUSE now auto-rigs your FUSE characters for free. (whaaat?)

You can also drop in your NON-FUSE-Characters, and use the auto-rigger on them, 10 times, for free.
(A $500 value… whaaat?)

More information on the new Mixamo can be found HERE.


I have downloaded free models. They are free, and they work, and they look great.
I have not downloaded any of my 20 free animations yet, but I’m assuming they will retarget just fine, like I mentioned above.
I have never used FUSE. I can’t say for certain that the preview version offers everything it says it does. I’m just sharing the information posted on their website.

Animation weapon in the holster
(Ryan) #2

Kickass, thanks for the info.

(Luka Andric) #3

Everything is free now holy moly !!! DOWNLOADING EVERYTHING !! :smile:


another thing is free until the end of june:

DK UMA1 for unity 5!/content/36624

(Marshall Heffernan) #5



Yea check this out guys. Awesome stuff


also if you guys wants some clothing sets i just saw something free on renderosity. theres alot of sets i think theres 15. also good for Mixamo Fuse

just browse the pages for the next sets.

(Terry Morgan) #8

I have downloaded free models

How do you download the models, with fuse preview?


if you mean other models than the clothes pack you cant because mostly are for DAZ3D or Poser. those models are really hi polygons you will have to decimate or reduce them. i made characters out of daz3d with clothes… had ~90 000polygons, and crunched it to ~60 000…

(Terry Morgan) #10

mostly are for DAZ3D or Poser

So what’s free that’s actually useful for games?


the only thing on renderosity for unity is this:

the rest of the stuff you will have to download DAZ3D studio but i dont really suggest it since they could bring real problem if you dont decimate the polygons. if you want something to decimate them:!/content/4294

(Terry Morgan) #12

This is a thread about Mixamo, what’s free from Mixamo that’s useful for games and how do I get it?

(Marshall Heffernan) #13

Read my first post…

Every single model is free, there’s like 100 of them.

Also, 20 animations.

(Terry Morgan) #14

In Fuse basic got an 18,000 poly model, pretty useless, no point in animating it. So I chopped it down to 3000 polys
in Meshlab, kept the UVs, but the ‘import model’ in Fuse is grayed out. I think I need the content creator pack maybe. Were they
really trying to sell this as a Unity plugin?

(Terry Morgan) #15

Meshlab does a pretty good job, be cool if I could animate him in Fuse and then
spawn the animations with Mecanim

(Ryan) #16

Lets keep the spam down bud in case any updated information is posted on this thread.

(Terry Morgan) #17


You need the full 2 GB fuse to import low poly models like the one which I’ve just donated for free.

(Ryan) #18

Just dont want another one of these:


(Terry Morgan) #19

why not? Is your memory full or something?

(Terry Morgan) #20

Where are the models in your 1st post? “Fantasy Warrior” etc. I made a few with Fuse full but don’t
see how to make ones like you show.