FREE Mixamo assets

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Can’t remember, memory is full.

Seriously tho, its on the mixamo website. Here’s a tutorial.

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Mixamo has now removed most of the models. I don’t think you can download the player models that used to be on the website anymore (Erika Archer, Goblin, Knight, Paladin, Vampire, Warrior, etc.).



That’s right. stop what you’re doing.

There are 2,496 free animations on

I suggest you all go to the store, search “pack”, and download a bunch of packs of animations (will save you some time, grouped nicely, etc.).

Note: Don’t worry what model you download the animations into.
Mecanim will retarget these to whatever humanoid you want just fine.

  1. Once you’ve found a pack you want, click on it, choose a character, click “Add to my assets”, “View/Download”, then “Queue download”.

After downloading each pack I went to the “My Assets”, then “Animations” and deleted everything after each download, because it gets messy fast.

After clicking on “View/Download”, you’ll be asked about file format, pose, frame rate and keyframe reduction.

I’m not sure the best settings here, but there’s a small guide HERE.


nice! so they send you a compressed pack with all individual anims in it with you’re model right?

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Thanks Mars. I had to sign up with “Adobe ID”, then linking with Mixamo login didn’t work,
so I said I was ‘new’. Then each anim DL’d separately.

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Duh, the whole pack is the last on the list.

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Once you’ve got a completed pack of animations, if you click on “Add to my assets” then immediately click on “View/Download”, then immediately click on “Queue download”. you don’t need to dig through the “My Animations” tab.

I just deleted everything in my Animations tab, after downloading each pack, to reduce all the clutter.

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I think I got everything they have, pro magic, mutant, sword, bow. The 'packs’
are just the animations. I asked Mixamo about animating my curtis 3000 poly
guy and they said he has to have the exact same UV’s as the 18K, so it’s no
go, have to make a skeleton.


didnt try yet. i was busy. what u mean by the 18k? is you’re character already rigged or u just put animations on a non-rigged character?

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I got all the anims from another site, never did get any models besides the animals,

I tried this on the 3 animals (all still animated) and some other FBX’s


you can also use simplygon for unity. its pretty simple to use and free.

(Terry Morgan) #32

Didn’t see anything free on simplygon. I tried the Earthborn Troll with mixamo decimator
he came out all crumpled, but SimpleLod ($30 on assetstore) worked.

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For more fantastic references, it would be nice to look at this