[Free] NJG Blox

(Hjupter Cerrud) #1

Hey guys, I’ve decided to release NJG Blox which is part of Photon Blox as a separate free package, this package consiste of set of blocks and a handy UGUI Screen System.

Here is the list of available blocks:

And some screenshots of the UGUI Screen System:

This package will be also released as a free package on the Asset Store soon.


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(Hjupter Cerrud) #2

Ive pushed some updates:


  • Added new block to Select UI selectable objects
  • Added new block to Activate UI InputFields
  • Added blocks for Dictionary (Add, Get Value, Create, Count, Remove, Contains Key)
  • Made some fixes to UGUISetInputValue, UGUIGetInputValue, UGUIGetText


  • Screen editor does not create screen prefabs right after new screen definition is created.
    The purporse of this is to be able to assign custom hand made prefabs instead.
    Procedural Screen can be still made by pressing the button “Create New Screen” which appears only if the screen definition doesn’t have any prefab assigned.

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(Hjupter Cerrud) #4



  • Added DownloadImage container for downloading images from URLs
  • Added ButtonHideScreen component
  • Fixed an issue with Screen and StringFormat block
  • Added SetAsLastSibling and SetAsFirstSibling blocks
  • Fixed error with Screen when pressing the save and close or cancel button
  • Added RemoveChilds block
  • Screen inspector now have fade in, fade out speed and easing exposed


(Jay Bacal) #5

Thanks for making your work available to all of us.


(Hjupter Cerrud) #6

You are welcome :smile:

Its now available at the Asset Store: