GAIA - Lighting FX Blox

(Jason Burch) #1

For those of you who have the asset GAIA and have updated to at least version 1.5.0 then this block should work for you.

I’ve created a block that enables you to set the lighting for the Time of Day you wish.
Included in GAIA there are:





The package :slight_smile:
GAIA_LightingBLox.unitypackage (879 Bytes)

With this package you will have a new block group called GAIA with one block called SetTimeOfDay

You can put this New SetTimeOfDay in the Start event etc or whenever you want to change the time of day.

FYI “Do not put this in an Update event for it will kill the performance of your game”

Also this block assumes that you have already setup your GAIA scene via the GAIA tutorials and added the “procedural worlds” camera effects to your scene as well as set up the deferred lighting.

(Leslie Young) #2

I did not know GAIA supported time of day too.
That is cool.

(Jason Burch) #3

The person who created GAIA put some nice lighting effects in the 1.5 release which make the scenes look a ton better than just stock Unity lighting etc.