Game Demo

(Patrik Gyltefors) #1

I have prepared a first demo of the game I am working on. It is fully functional and playable from beginning to the end scene.

Need Some Help for my game
(RoyalGost) #2

Nice work!

(hopeful) #3

Nicely done! :slight_smile:

(Luka Andric) #4

Good work :wink:

(Marcelo Frantz) #5

Pretty! Great font choice.

(Luka Andric) #6

Can u add on how u manage to go to other scene with saved attributes and other things on player ?

(Patrik Gyltefors) #7

The saved attributes work pretty well out of the box. I am using player manager to spawn the player, and the default settings for the persistence. Before leaving a scene, I store info about where it should be spawned in the next one, and then use that info in the new scene to spawn the player in the right place. It might not work correctly if you place the player manually in your scene view.

(Stephen Follett) #8

like the animations, they were very smooth

great work keep it up

(Luka Andric) #9

I hope u will add a tutorial of some sort of things :smile:

(Terry Morgan) #10

Best plygame demo I’ve seen. How do you get the building roofs to disappear/reappear?

(Marshall Heffernan) #11

If you’re talking about the shop where the Player got the sword, it has no roof.


Nice game you have there.

Good Job, bro! :+1:

(Michael Urvan) #13

Really cool looking, good sounds and atmosphere! :smile:

(Terry Morgan) #14

It has no roof? I didn’t see one in the video but I figured it must have. I haven’t tried this but if you
have Dialog System this might work

Add a cube just inside the door.
Disable or remove the renderer component, and tick IsTrigger on the BoxCollider.
Add a Sequence Trigger.
Set the Trigger to OnTriggerEnter.
Set the Sequence to SetEnabled(MeshRenderer, false, Roof)
where Roof is the name of the GameObject with the mesh renderer.
Repeat steps 1-3 for a cube just outside the door, but change the sequence to:
SetEnabled(MeshRenderer, true, Roof)

When the player enters the trigger just inside the doorway, it will disable the renderer. When the player steps outside, it will re-enable the renderer. 

Probably a blox or 2 could also do this?

(Patrik Gyltefors) #15

The blacksmith’s shop has no roof. It is a separate scene, and I trigger the transitions through the door using interact objects. If I had a roof, I would use a similar approach the the one terrymorgan explains, but instead of enabling/disabling the roof, use some kind of fading, maybe creating a custom shader that takes an alpha parameter. I have kind of similar features outside the cave, where the colours and musical mood changes when entering the zone, and in the end scene, where the colours go orange when stepping into the portal.

(Terry Morgan) #16

I’ve been having trouble changing scenes with Action RPG and Dialog System (the dialog system
does the actual scene changing), so I’m looking at a 1 scene game alternative, with an in-scene
teleporter you could go from your terrain to a cave model not visible from the terrain maybe. Project
Britannia had all buildings on the terrain, when you went in the roofs disappeared, out, they

(Patrik Gyltefors) #17

If you teleport into a cave, I would recommend going for separate scenes. One huge scene might also cause memory problems, as you’ll have to load both your overland and cave assets at the same time.

(Luka Andric) #18

Can u plz make a tutorial on how to go use separated scenes [levels] with saving all the data without losing quest and etc

(Patrik Gyltefors) #19

Do you loose the quest data when changing scenes? Do you run the game from the toolbar play button, or the Unity play button? Also, do you spawn the player using player manager in each scene?

(Luka Andric) #20

i lose ugui just spawns the player sometimes i try with unitys play button sometimes leslies toolbar play ucan se my problem here