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Game Design

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99.9% of this forum is dedicated to Game Development. That’s all well and good, but what about Design?

I’ve spent the last year ignoring Game Design Theory.

The thing I’ve personally struggled with the most as a young developer is making a game that’s fun to play.

Feel free to post your opinions, knowledge, what you’ve learned over the years, as well as any links to good, solid information out there on the Internet to help us all grow as Game Designers.

Extra Credits Game Design video series on Youtube – 274 videos!

Craig Perko’s “Concrete Play” video series on Youtube – 15 videos

I’d like to share some more resources to assist in Game Design…


Fantasy name generator - Names, Locations, Descriptions
Chaotic Shiny - Names, Locations, People, Culture, Religion, etc.


The Big List of RPG Plots
The 36 Plots
Plots - TV Tropes

Ideas for creating Plots

Fallacy - Wikipedia
Logical Fallacies - All The Tropes
Tropes of Legend - All The Tropes
Deal With The Devil - TV Tropes
Logical Fallacies - TV Tropes


Three Hundred Mechanics

What is fun?

The Eight Kinds of Fun - Can you incorporate all of them into your game?

Roleplaying Tips - Written for a tabletop Dungeon Masters - helps to keep your players entertained, having fun, creating challenges, etc.

Make RPG Enjoyable - wikihow


Seeking Solis - the City of Solis RPG resource archive


Making different weapon types feel unique? - A discussion on Gamedev.Stackexchange about weapon types…

If your shotgun deals 10 damage every 5 seconds, but your pistol deals 2 damage every 1 second, what’s the point?

Envato tuts+ is another great Game Design website I just found, with articles such as…

“5 Approaches to Crafting Systems in Games (and Where to Use Them)”
“Making AI Fun: When Good Enough is Good Enough”
“Numbers Getting Bigger: What Are Incremental Games, and Why Are They Fun?”
“How to Incorporate Satisfying Death Mechanics Into Your Game”
“4 Ways to Teach Your Players How to Play Your Game”


This website has it all.

  • Mechanics, Discussions, Concepts,Difficulty, Length, etc.

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I have watched the first few and it seems like I should watch them all. Thanks.

One thing I found very helpful was watching reviews of games. Not the reviews that tell you how wonderful a game is, but the reviews that rip the game apart and tell you how bad it is. It is the best way to see what not to do in a video game. Channels like Worth a Buy ( and Cynical Brit ( are good at pointing out what not to do in a game. Also, when I read game reviews on Steam, I never read the positive reviews, only the negative ones. It is a good way to see what people don’t like in games. Imagine it is your game that is being reviewed, and think what people will say in a negative review, and then fix that part of your game.

Too many of the positive reviews on Youtube and in magazines are paid positives, people are paid to write glowing reviews. It is better to read and watch the negative reviews, because they are better at telling you what is wrong with games and what you should not be doing.

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Bookmarked for watching while having lunch or coffee break.

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Lol, I am still watching the videos in my breaks, and now I have more to read!!!

The videos really helped, made my game a bit tighter and more direct. Helped me to get rid of some of the fluff and concentrate on the meat of the game.

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So much to read.
Lots of good stuff, thanks :smiley: