Game Testers SERVER back up, new links

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Hi Guys…

Very soon I`m going to be looking for game testers, basically people to log into game and run around the terrain (6000x6000) annd make sure there are no issues i.e floating buildings or props under ground etc., if your interested then drop me a pm…


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Quick Explorer video of new game ready for testing…
(This is the RPG version NOT THE MMO version…)

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Hi All…
ok so pre alpha test is up now, for anyone interesterd in a run around, and also to let me know of bugs feel free to download it here… This is only a test!! NOT COMPLETE GAME! just to help me locate any bugs etc., i may have missed… once you have installer you will be open to all updates as soon as they go online…

Mac : NEW LINK WILL BE UPLOADED 09:00 GMT 08/10/2017
Windows : tested on win 7, win 8 and win 10

Let me know if you download please so i can keep an eye on things…


I downloaded the launcher but at the time of downloading the game itself, a download error occurs

Is this normal or is it an error?

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Hi there,

I have been working on the server… etc., and placing updates up on a constant basis… so this may have been a mistake from my side, run the installer as admin if on windows, for mac just close it down and then re install it… this is still a very early test stage, so if you have any further issues please let me know…



I use windows 10, already reinstalled 4 times,I already opened the installer and launcher as administrator, but nothing worked and the error persists :confused:

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Hi there,

Sorry about the issue your having… bare with me i have the server down at the second, working on a new issue… please uninstall the program completely… it has an uninstall package in the folder in c:,
Im working on a new installer at the second as 2 of you have had a few issues, which out of 54 testers cant be bad!! servers will be up again in the morning and ill send you a link to the installer, as soon as its finished tonight…

Again sorry for the problems your having i`ll fix it all for the morning, and thanks for trying out the game and reporting this issue…

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discord channel for Dawn legends chat and testers