[Game Tools] Arcing Loot Drop System



Version 1.0 of this plugin has been released!

Current Features:

  • Arcing Loot based off of an offset
  • Randomized Loot spawning
  • Randomized Loot positioning/spawning via a box system (cone area soon)

This plugin will grow and more features will be added as time permits.




  • Be sure to set the items layer to the correct layer for your tool or system.

  • Make sure to deselect the item from the exclusion layer mask in the system, this will allow for the raycasting to ignore item colliders

  • Create the plyGame item the way you normally would, then attach the IAG_LootItemArc script & correct layer to the item (plyGame default item layer).


  • Create your chest and attach the IAG_LootArcSystem script to it


  • Add the created item to the Item List on the chest
  • Finally, exclude the plygame layer from the layers on the chest


  • IAG_LootArcSystem

chestLocation: This field is for specifying the origin of your item spawns
itemList: This field is for pooling the items that can be spawned by the chest (you can edit this to no longer be random from the list via script)
minXDistance: The minimum range on the local X axis that items can be spawned (negative numbers allow for left region spawning, etc)
maxXDistance: The maximum range on the local X axis that items can be spawned
minZDistance: The minimum range on the local Z axis that items can be spawned (negative numbers allow for spawning behind the chestLocation pivot)
maxZDistance: The minimum range on the local Z axis that items can be spawned
exclusionLayers: This field will alow the internal raycasting to avoid certain layers (normally youd ignore all layers but the terrain/world so that items can be placed correctly)
spawnOffset: The amount of Y offset the items will have when spawning originally in the world from the chestLocation pivot

  • IAG_LootItemArc

lerpSpeed: The amount of smoothing to be applied to the item when moving to the arcOffset then to the destination
rotateX: Allow rotation of the local X axis
rotateY: Allow rotation of the local Y axis
rotateZ: Allow rotation of the local Z axis
arcOffset: The amount of offset to apply to simulate the arcing effect

Let me know if you have any questions.

SKYPE: gage_ignitelabs

-March of the Ents