GameData Lists in Blox and FlowGraph

(Leslie Young) #1

This topic is about list fields in a GameData definition and not lists of GameData.
let’s assume there is a GameData definition with this list of string data.

To access this via Blox is quite easy. Simply use the List Blocks found under Common > List and of course the Blocks for the GameData definition (remember to re-scan Blocks if you do not see it in the list).

Accessing GameData lists like these are a bit more involved in FlowGraph since the FlowGraph list nodes works on the BGS List Variable rather than directly on lists. You first need to push all the list data into a BGS variable before the FlowGraph can access it.

I’ll use a global variable to hold the list data in this case…


Now prepare the list and then trigger the FlowGraph which will use it. Of course how/when you do all this depends on your game needs. Just have the list prepared before the FlowGraph needs it.


and now the FlowGraph can access the data from the global variable which is a list of strings.

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