Getting started in Blox3

(A.K.) #1


I decided today to jump into blox 3 after falling in love with the blox system in PlyGame due to it beeing easier to read than regular code. As expected, it is much bigger than Blox 1 due to it covering all of Unity instead of PlyGame specifics.

I saw that most of the Blox 3 forum had more advanced questions than what I’d probably need to know, so I figured I’d make my topic more generalized for when I run into a newbie problem

So my for my first task I wanted to make a “flip sprite” blox in order to flip a modular sprite on the x axis as it transforms along the x axis.

Here’s what I got so far:

I’ve found my biggest problem is just finding which blocks I actually want to use, so there is no doubt in my mind I have something wrong here. ;w;a


I guess another good question to ask would be what unity system blox ould you recommend activating to start off with? Thanks! ^^/

(Leslie Young) #2

You can turn on all the Blox. It will only make the Blocks list load a bit slower but not much if you have good computer. Or. look at what it is you want to interact with and enable those types (classes).

In this case you will be working with 2D so turn on UnityEngine - SpPriteRenderer You will note it has a Flip property which might be easier to use than manipulating the transform scale. (assuming you SpriteRenderer for your sprites)


(A.K.) #3

I noticed turning them on made the search function pretty useless, as there was a lot of stuff to comb through and a lot of the blox would have the same name. ;w;a

I’m actually using a modular sprite (It’s made of many parts, like in “spriter”, “DragonBones” or “spine”), so the sprite renderer flip function doesn’t quite work. It’s why I was looking at the transform instead!

(Leslie Young) #4

To do what you do in the plyBlox screenshot look under UnityEngine -> Transform for the transform related Blocks.