Getting Started... not a programmer


Hi! I just got this new asset which looks amazing. the problem is that i’m not a programmer and i’ve been getting familiar with unity since the past 6 months. The documentation seems nice but there seems to bee a bit of previous knowledge required that don’t have.

I’m basically trying to build a little turn-based board game. Since i’m new and i’m not with guidance right now, i would like to know a bit more details about the ‘getting started’ process.


(Leslie Young) #2

Have a look at the included sample scenes and their associated scripts to see how to interact with the MapNav API. They show you everything might need in a simple turn-based board game like detecting what the player click on, finding how far something can move, what are valid tiles to move to, creating a path, and moving it on that path.

Ths does require you know how to read and write code.