Grid Alignment of Different Size Layers



I’m using the standard Unity cube in a Tile Ed map with a Grid size of 2.

I’m also using quarter size cubes in the same map (on a different layer) with Grid size 1.

They do not align, and I was wondering if there was any way they could.

If you form a wall of Grid size 2 cubes and then try to place the Grid size 1 cubes against the wall, the smaller cubes are half a small cube through the wall and half a small cube above the ground.

Is there an easy way to make the different grid sizes align? I’ve got a workaround in place, but I was curious to see if it was modifiable.


(Leslie Young) #2

The best would be to change the pivot position of the bigger object so that it can be placed and align properly in the 1 size grid. Cubes you create from the Unity menu have their pivots in the centre. Best would be to create objects in a 3D tool where you can manipulate the pivot position.

I will look into adding an option to change the grid from aligning its centre tiles centre with the world centre to aligning the corner of a centre tile with world centre. This should make it possible to get different grid sizes to align. Will still not be perfect, depending on how you paint and that is why I think you should just decide on one grid size and then create all art to fit in increments of that space. The bigger objects need their pivots adjusted to align with the chosen grid size.

In this example you can see one of my tests with this new feature. The bigger tiles can’t align to the smaller one on all sides when they are in a 2x2 grid since 1/2 tile placement is not supported.

TileEd updates

Thanks kindly. You’re a fantastic developer and I really appreciate the support.