Help With Blox-Made GUI

(Trevs S ) #1

Hello everyone

I’ve created a pretty nifty GUI using solely Blox (in other words, the hard way.) The problem I’m having is that when an Item is added or removed from the player’s Bag, the icons are not properly updating.

I’m attempting to use a list in a rather creative way for my GUI , I’m storing all the slots (0-11) as indices and have so far tried to reference either the actual slot gameobject with the UI.RawImage component or the UI.RawImage component itself : Capture1


(Trevs S ) #2

For clarification, the On Add Item and On Remove Item events are on a player actor with an Item Bag component, and the On Start Event is on that same Actor as well.

(Leslie Young) #3

Did you check whether the Get Image from …` part works correctly. Via Debug Block - showing a value you expect, like the name of a texture?

I assume the “Add Item” debug is showing the correct object as target?