Hex map involving piece placement and other

(Evan Jones) #1


New to MapNav2. I’m hoping to get a hex map that involves placement of pieces initially based on tile type (wood, desert, etc), but which also allows card-driven options to occur–example: to build anywhere along a diagonal or straight line from the currently-occupied hex, or to allow a previously-placed piece to “jump” to occupy a hex 2 pieces over. Something like the board game “Kingdom Builder”.

Can this be done, and if so, is that a coding option currently available with the package, or where can you direct me to find how to do this?


(Leslie Young) #2

I did not quite follow that explanation but I think best would be to just have a look at the source of MapNavBase.cs and MapNavHexa.cs and see what they have to offer.

The Path function could be use to find a line of nodes from one point to another.