How do i do it?

(Furkan Aktaş) #1


How can I make such a stat system? and how it can interact with the dialogue panel.

(Alien) #2

there is a video on gameData.

my understanding is gameData is where you would setup this ‘data’. there are a couple of videos on how to get the info using either blox or flowgraph.

although in stating that. I would love to see a good example of using gameData for NPC/Character Stats.
might help us get our head around how to use and setup gameData appropriately. Maybe a basic example of rpg player/npc stats (like strength, Intelligence, wisdom, etc) and how this would be accessed in flow, blox and code.

in code, you can get the ident and then based off that determine what attribute you want. I believe there are blox and flowgraph getters and setters for the same.
PlayerIdent = (currentcharGO.GetComponent<BGSEngine.BloxContainer>().GetVarRef(“PlayerSelectionIdent”).GetValue()).ToString();
var _character = GameData.AttributesAsset.Self.GetEntry(PlayerIdent);
strTxt.text = (_character.Strength).ToString();


[](http://gameData Video)
[](http://blox and gameData)

hope this helps a bit

(Leslie Young) #3

You could also use Global Variables, which might be easier for this simple case, rather than GameData. I have posted videos on how to work with variables in FlowGraph (to interact with dialogue) and updating UI values around it via the UI updater components. There are components for updating the text and slider to get the UI results you are after in that image.