How Do I Setup TileEd with Low Poly Series Landscape

(Erin Kitsune) #1

As the title says, I am trying to setup TileEd with this asset:

Currently I am trying to make the Modular meshes connect right.

By default the meshes are way to big, but I can’t find an optimal setting to connect them.


(Leslie Young) #2

Have a look at this and watch some of the videos to see how I deal with models. The problem is that artists do not always create these modular pieces to snap together on a grid so you need to fix it - mainly by just fixing the pivot position in a 3d tool. But there could be the problem that the “tiles” are not all the correct size to fit in a grid - sometimes too big and other times too small. It is up to the artist to work with tiling in mind when designing the models.

There is a “Scale factor” property in the inspector panel for the model. But this might not help you much if the models were not designed to fit inside a grid.