How to use member action?

(ian) #1

i am trying to use GameObject.SetActive but not working no error is showing up on console.

is it possible to create custom flow node.for simple task like setting gameobject
off or on. currently i use message object node that.doing that with one node would help.

(Leslie Young) #2

You should have gotten an error in the console. There was a bug in the Member Action node (will be fixed in 0.41).

Also note that you need to specify the name of a GameObject, that is in the scene, in the Get Object node’s properties, else it will return null and thus not provide any useful context (object) to the Member Action node.

Another way to be sure you have a reference to the correct object is to make use of the FlowGraph’s Blackboard variables and use the Get Blackboard node. For example if I wanted to set the “title” object inactive on a button press…

(ian) #3

thank you for quick reply.
it is working now.

in flow graph blox event trigger there is way to give function parameter value ?

(Leslie Young) #4

No. A Blox event should not be thought of as a function/method.
You can set Blackboard variables before making the call if you want to keep some values around to use in another event.

(ian) #5

one more question how you can check game is pause or playing in script ?

(Leslie Young) #6

GameGlobal.Instance.GamePaused can be used.

(ian) #7

in bgsvn how you load different scene and continue game ?