Im on HOLIDAY lol

(daniel harratt) #1

Hi all,
At present im on holiday for a few more months, visiting friends here in S.A capetown at present, then jburg then off to Gauteng…
So sorry if i havent answered you but i will answer you questions as and when i can or when the wife allows me too!!!..


(William Ianneci) #2

Go visit Leslie.

(Leslie Young) #3

hehe… I do not live in Cape Town or Johannesburg… maybe on @domtate way to Joburg from CT - assuming a drive and not flight (more likely) since I live in the Karoo area - which is on the way.

(daniel harratt) #4

@leslie lmao forgot you lived here… well if the wife and kids let me stop and your up for a beer, i may drop in on way through and say HI!! lol, yes we are driving…

(William Ianneci) #5

Ahh. I do so love it when I can get two beers together. You play nice.