Invector Third Person Controller 1.1d Integration

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What’s up, plyForum?

I’m not a programmer by any means, but after taking a look at how some other controllers connect with the plyGame system, I’ve managed to make it work with my favorite Third Person Controller/Camera system. There are two .cs scripts in the included .zip

  • Put Invector-plyGameCameraIntegration.cs on your Invector 3rdPersonCamera

  • Put Invector-plyGameControllerIntegration.cs on your Invector 3rdPersonController

That’s pretty much it. You guys have helped me out enough in the forums, I figured I could give back.

I’m using Invector Third Person Controller v1.1d
Asset Store Link

Unity 5.3.1, and the latest version of plyGame.

Download Link Link

As I’m not a programmer, your milage may vary, but I’m just sharing the solution that worked for me. :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Updated the link with a working version. Before, the filename and class didn’t match so it was broken. Thanks EnVii!

Invector Third Person Controller + PlyGame
Number of slots in the inventory
Number of slots in the inventory

nice job. are you gonna make it for topdown and navmesh too ?

(Samuel White) #3

The topdown, as well as the 2.5d, and Isometric Camera should work natively, as all you’re doing is changing the CameraState List in the Invector TP Camera script. (Refer to the Invector documentation for more information) As for navmesh, I haven’t the slightest. I’m not really a programmer, so it is what it is right now.


Hi snackzilla,

Great Job!!
I was wondering if you could maybe show us your set-up as I was unsuccessful making this work. I tried to add the Invector-plyGameCameraIntegration.cs on my Invector 3rdPersonCamera, & Invector-plyGameControllerIntegration.cs on my Invector 3rdPersonController, but I get a message, telling me that the CLASS does not exist, and this is preventing me from adding the script. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your instructions. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated thank-you.

(Samuel White) #5

Zoinks! You’re exactly right, EnVii. Before I uploaded it, I changed the file name and didn’t change the name of the class it was referencing. As they absolutely HAVE to match, it very well wouldn’t have worked as it was. Give me just a sec and I’ll upload one that will!

Edit Changed the link for you! I tested it out on a blank project just a second ago and it was working properly.


Thank-you snackzilla for your lightning fast response.
I will try it out later on tonight and report back… thanks again!!

(Stephen Follett) #7

I’m having issues with the camera script…could u show me how u set it up cause I added it cause I think I added it to wrong…

Edit: nvm I see what I did wrong I didn’t add it to my 3rd person camera

(michael) #8

Could you give me a brief example of how the script work.

(michael) #9

I can’t my plygame enemy to detect my Invector character, if that’s how the integrated script works?
Thanks Mic

(michael) #10

Nice script. Combining the two is brilliant just brilliant but I need help. I create a plygame NPC and gave it a melee attack to yield damage to my Invector character.I placed a cube on the NPC right hand and give it an “Object Damage script” from Invector package. Therefore when it collide or hit the player it take away health which is shown on the red bar on the top left hand corner of the screen. “which also came with the vector package”. My problem is I would like to play an animation( DEAD) when the player health reaches “0”

Thanks mic

(Samuel White) #11

BIG news here. I actually got the Invector 1.2b (the one with the movement controller AND the fantastic melee system) working all proper-like with plyGame. Now, the health and stamina from the Invector player controller syncs with the plyGame system. When your health or stamina drops or raises, it happens on both systems simultaneously. Was more than a little bit of a pain to figure out, but if anyone is interested, when I have time, I can try to take some screenshots and do a semi-tutorial of how I accomplished it. Fair warning, it does involve editing some code, and some fancy (for me) plyBlox work, so it’s not for the faint of heart. :grin:

I’ve yet to tackle the inventory, but it shouldn’t be too hard.


Nice stuff! I was eyeballing that same camera - glad to hear you’re able to make progress!

(kidling morgan) #13

Snackzilla i would love to see how you did the integration with plygame? can you help me?

You manage to get plygame AI with TPC melee controller? I need a AIController with generic animation and not humanoid.

(Samuel White) #14

Hello Kidling! I saw you both posted here, and messaged me on the official Unity forum. I PM’d you back on the Unity Forum!

(kidling morgan) #15

Thank you Snackzilla, your files are working amazing

This demo is TPC + Plygame:


(peubraw) #16

Hello Snack,
tyvm for the scripts, I’m very interested on the health/stamina integration part, I’m trying to figure it out but, like you said, it really is a pain in the ‘A’… =p

I’m a programmer and the code part wouldn’t be a problem, could you send me some screenshots and give me some directions on how to accomplish this ?

(Awaken) #19

Has anyone successfully integrated Invector TPC with PlyGame? I am using the Integration from here. I have got the integration to work and everything seems to be functioning with no errors. I am just a little confused on how when you set up an ability with Plygame how the animations and and damage etc. would function with the invector controller. But yeah does anyone have any information on this for a noob? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am basically trying to make some 4 legged (spiders…wolves…) AI and also make some spells and abilities with Plygame but using the Beautiful Invector Third Person Controller. :smiley:


Ok first of all thanks for the release but i am having some problems the controls and everything seems to work but something has happened to my layers.I noticed one was layered sensor on my Invector controller i tried changing it to a few different things but seems to do something to my project where my character keeps falling threw the ground.Other than that the scripts seems to work but needs some updates.I’m not the one for that as im totally new at this but has anyone else been able to get this to work with these scripts or any other third party rpg kits?


Did you get it working on 2.2 version?