isoRPG TileEd BETA

(Leslie Young) #1

Initial release of isoRPG TileEd BETA.
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  • Known Issues: Deprecation warnings in Unity 5.3 beta. I will look into this once Unity 5.3 leaves beta.

Release Status
Release Status
(Leslie Young) #2


  • Improvements and finalization to how marking tiles/ props and templates works
  • Finished how the Props placement works with lots of new options

(Leslie Young) #3

0.3 BETA

  • Fixed problems around the Tile Static and NavArea settings not being applied correctly
  • Fixed new TileSet options chosen in the popup, like Terrain or Dungeon, not being applied
  • Fixed plyCommon lib conflicts with tools like plyGame and Blox

(Leslie Young) #4

0.4 BETA

  • Improved dark skin of Palette Tabs
  • Fixed problems with the grid rendering that would occur on Unity versions higher than 5.2
  • Fixed selected tiles indicator would not use colours set up in TileEd settings

(Leslie Young) #5

0.5 BETA

  • Enabled the mesh combine option under map tools
  • More fixes around the Static and NavArea options
  • Fixes to the Dark Skin UI styling

(Leslie Young) #6

0.6 BETA

  • Changed auto tile sets setup such that you no longer have to add a floor, wall, or corner if you do not want to. This will allow for walls without floors or to create sets that might not need a specific corner type to still work

(Leslie Young) #7

0.7 BETA

  • Fixed problem with wrong props being deleted when deleting a selection of (marked) props
  • Changed placement/ paint undo from per-tile to rather undo whole section since mouse went down to paint and up again
  • Added shortcut keys to TileSet editor list - F2: rename, F1: open docs
  • Added button to tile/ prop drop areas to allow adding these object via the object selection window

(Leslie Young) #8

0.8 BETA