Issue lock on title screen with the template scene

(Olivier Luno) #1


I encounter this error when playing the test scene from the vinoma package in the editor :

The Vinoma Data is not present.
VinomaEngine.VinomaGameGlobal:Awake() (at D:/Work/_SOURCE/VinomaEngine/VinomaGameGlobal.cs:77)

Unity version : 2017.3.1f1
Platform : Standalone PC
OS : Windows 10
Vinoma version : freshly downloaded from the store so normally 1.3.5

(Leslie Young) #2

It means the VinomaDataAsset component was not found on the VinomaGameGlobal object in the Vinoma main scene.

Open the Vinoma scenes editor so that, that data is created. menu: Window > Vinoma > Scene Editor.