Issues/Questions: 50% of the mobile devices checked won't load Vinoma



New to the forums but been working with Vinoma for quite a few months now… I just recently published a game on the play store. Mostly cut and dry with only a few custom scripts but what I have discovered is that on many cellular phones (Not all) the program is crashing on launch right after the unity load screen.

Yes, I understand that the site says “should work but not tested” However, I know there are quite a few people that are developing for mobile… So, I wanted to reach out and see if maybe a solution could be found or at least give the other users a heads up before they run into the same issues.

Models that failed to load:
Oppo A37f (A37f)
Samsung Galaxy Core (arubaslim)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (core33g)

Models that did load:
Galaxy S4
Lenovo Lenovo PB2-650Y (PB2)
LGE LG X Style (k6b)
LGE LG G4 Stylus (mp1s3gds)
Haier V3 (V3)

Their are a few others but that’s most common all but 2 are using Android OS 5.1 or above.

On the devices that did work there we no in-game bugs detected at all.

i’ve been running through a few of the scripts and im going to try to minimize the file size of the APK to see if maybe its just too work intensive for the older phone models but any support or suggestions from you or other users that may of encountered this issue is much appreciated.



Also this is another new device that had the same issue. It was tested by Amazon Developers before release.

Only 1 of the 14 devices failed in this instance, much better than I have had with other devices. .

Device: Fire 7 (2017)

(1) error identified

Launch —> App Exits

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install and launch the app.
  2. App exits to the device home screen

There is the complete device log but after looking at it… its too big the paste here.
I can email it to you if it would be helpful.

(Leslie Young) #3

I would need some kind of log to see if it has any clues. I’ll PM you.