Itsmars Tutorials

(Marshall Heffernan) #1

#Where’s the next video?
I’m working on a lot of big stuff right now.
None of it is 100% ready, so I’ll need more time to get it just right.
Having said that, Let’s take a look:

  1. Show Loot Labels on mouseover, or when holding Left Alt:
  1. Expanding Action Bar Slots, similar to Diablo & Path of Exile:
  1. New, Torchlight-Like inventory: (click to expand image & show bottom half)
  1. Drag and Drop Bag slots:

(For those who are new to Unity!)
Click the thumbnails below to open the “itsmars Tutorials introduction” playlist!

#Dungeon Crawler
(think Diablo, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Torchlight, Fate, etc.)
Click the thumbnails below to open the “Dungeon Crawler” playlist!

[details=Videos already recorded]

Episode 1: Making a Main Menu with UGUI!
Episode 2: Making our first Player
Episode 3: Loading our rpg_ui
Episode 4: Health Orbs!
Episode 5: Experience Bar
Episode 6a: Bag, Hotkeys
Episode 6b: Potions
Episode 7: Character Sheet, Equip Slots, Sword
Episode 8: Terrain
Episode 9: Enemy
Episode 10: Combat: Enemy Melee
Episode 11: Combat: Player Melee
Episode 12: Audio
Episode 13: Interactable Door
Episode 14: Cursor Highlighting
Episode 15: Material Highlighting
Episode 16: Camera Highlighting
Episode 17: Enemy Diversity
Episode 18: Blood Splats & Decals
Episode 19: Unit Health Bars
Episode 20: Damage Mitigation
Episode 21: Damage #s
Episode 22: 3D Sound & Animations
Episode 23: Disappearing Roof
Episode 24: Animation Event sounds
Episode 25: DiaQ Quest and Graph

[details=Videos to be recorded]

[ ]26 UGUI - Quest Tracker
[ ]27 STUN (instead of trading hits)
[ ]28 GUI - Screen Fade (Animation)
[ ]29 door v2 - open anim, sound, screenfade
[ ]30 Notifications (TEXTGOESHERE)
[ ]31 Interact Object - Openable Gate w/ NavMesh Obstacle (Animation)
[ ]32 Breakable Barrels w/ GIBS
[ ]33 Trees, Wind, Flag
[ ]34 BETTER: Town V2 - Patrolling NPCs, IDLE, Sitting, Talking,
[ ]35 BETTER: Basic AI
[ ]36 BETTER: Zombie Crawl Out of Ground / Zombie Eating, then Stand UP
[ ]37 Top HealthBar - (On Mouse Enter - Set Selected)
[ ]38 ENEMY AFFIXES (Resistant, Armored, MoveSpeed, Attack Speed, Size, Damage)
[ ]39 PoE FLASKS (w/ charges, on kill)
[ ]40 Interact Object - WAYPOINT
[ ]41 Interact Object - TOWN PORTAL
[ ]42 Weapons V2 - Random DMG, Affixes - Attacks Per Second // Damage V2 (STR formula)
[ ]43 Mecanim V2
[ ]44 Action Bar: (With Cooldowns)
[ ]45 Action Bar: Expanding Action Slot (Like Diablo 1,2,3 + PoE)
[ ]46 Combat: Enemy Ranged (ON VALIDATE, IF MANA >= 5)
[ ]48 CHARA SHEET: Stats, Stats Per LVL UP, Button to Increase Stats +5
[ ]49 INVENTORY - Right Click
[ ]51 Mage/Warrior/Rogue
[ ]52 BETTER: MAIN MENU v2 (real camera, moving to new Characters, )
[ ]53 Loot Labels
[ ]54 Interact Object - CHEST with LOOT
[ ]56 CRIT (screen shake) (different colored Damage#s) (param 3 = crit?)
[ ]57 Health Formula
[ ]58 Cutscene: Zoom on Interact
[ ]59 Cutscene: Boss Battle
[ ]60 Boss Battle (Adds w/ drops, Phases, Readability, AOE attacks, Cones)
[ ]61 FACTION INTEGER - Reputation
[ ]62 PUZZLE: pressure plate - push block onto it
[ ]63 PUZZLE: lever - pull, then timed door
[ ]64 PUZZLE: moving/rotating walls
[ ]65 PUZZLE: magic shield on door - destroy statues to shut down shield
[ ]66 PUZZLE: breakable walls
[ ]68 MORE SKILLS: DOT (Bleed, Poison, Burning / Maim/Slow/Frozen)
[ ]72 INVENTORY - STASH (Deposit, Withdrawl)
[ ]73 INVENTORY - Pick up Stack
[ ]74 INVENTORY - Split Stack (shift click)
[ ]75 Death / Respawn
[ ]xx Ele Mitigation
[ ]xx Fire2 - DOT
[ ]xx Cold2 - Movement Slow


#Action RPG
(Basically Dark Cloud 2, with some elements from Dark Souls)

#Top-Down Sci-Fi Survival Horror
(think Alien Breed, Shadowgrounds, Primal Fears, Greed: black border, Ruiner, etc.)

#First Person RPG
(I’m looking at you, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout4)

[details=Special Thanks]

  • @leslie - I couldn’t make video games without you. Game Development & Game Design mean the world to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • @Catacomber & @2-1be - Getting to where I am has been a difficult journey, and your encouragement has kept me going every step of the way. Without you I would have given up a long time ago. Thank you both for your continued support!
  • @March_of_the_Ents - Your standards for quality have continuously forced me to improve my work, and as a result Unity has become much more than just a hobby. Thanks for everything.
  • @Ryan, @SubtleTechnology, @XDesign101, @domtate - Making videos has been much more of a challenge than I had ever anticipated. If you all hadn’t hit that record button I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and moved onto something easier. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • To all of the Mentors, thanks for your commitment. When I see people answering questions relating to Unity, plyGame, Game Development or Design, it inspires me to do the same.
  • To everyone asking questions, thanks as well. Believe it or not, I’m new too. In order to answer questions, I have to learn the answer first. Without people asking questions, I’d still be at square one.
  • Everyone that’s shared your work in a “Showcase” thread, or otherwise, thank you. Showing what plyGame is capable of has done a phenomenal job at keeping me motivated.
  • Lastly, @krup_ek & @Luka. It was you two that first put this idea into my head, dang you. Anyhow, it took a long time but they’re finally on their way.

Action bar video tutorial?
Interactable GUI Button
Dungeon crawler tutorial
Re Dungeon Crawler Enemy Health Bar #19
(Helgard de Barros) #2

Awesome, even after a year of working in Plygame I learnt some stuff. Don’t stop!!!


Thank you for these! I’m so excited. Well done!

By the way, your voice is perfect, very clear, very professional delivery.

(Marshall Heffernan) #4

Although you’re likely talking about my speech and not the audio levels, I just noticed that I had “Loudness Equalization” enabled, in the “enhancements” tab of my Headphone Properties.

The video is far quieter than I thought it was. I’m going to reupload the first video with adjusted audio levels and then get back to work.

(RoyalGost) #5

Hi, itsmars
Very much interests as it is possible to create skills: stun, fear, sleep.
I look forward your lessons

(Sergei) #6

Excellent work, weekend was not in vain)))

(Sergei) #7

Google translator, it is something with something ))))))))))))

(Alex) #8

The new series! We all were waiting for them. Great work! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

(Florian) #9

Hi Guys,

every here in the forum knows who is itsmars aka Marshall Heffernan, who is always ready to help in case of errors or help with advice. For me he does with a few others here in the Plygame forum the best job. That’s why I want to remind you that he does it all here free and voluntary, that is why I ask all of you supporting him as good as it gets help him in the tutorials or supports him on his Youtube Channel … thanks

(Dhvanit Akbari) #10

Thank you so much, your tutorials are precise and perfect for learning. I’ll be waiting for Action RPG Series.

(Alex) #11

This man helps all very much. I think it will be a good tradition to add him in credits of our games :slight_smile:

(Idcrisis Arito) #12

Are you still working on tutorials? I seem to learn alot more from your videos than the official ones. Thanks

(Marshall Heffernan) #13


I took a break last weekend to play Diablo2 and this weekend to play Fallout4.

Thanks - lots of cool videos coming up, thanks for your continued support!

(Ryan) #14

Kicksin uber runs were life. Damn I miss that game.

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

Diablo2 MedianXL - Been’ playing it for 8 years.

(Idcrisis Arito) #16

Awesome looking forward to the next episode!


Thank you so much for the Tutorials they are perfect and good clearing sound

(daniel harratt) #18

Brilliant session of tutorials, followed them today and everything is perfect, need tutorial 14 and onwards now…
Again Brilliant JOB Well done


Can you please also make UniRPG tutorials

(Alien) #20

i think its funny someone is asking for UNIRPG videos. since Marshall already has queued up 50+ videos for PlyGame. not sure where you think he’s going to find time to make video’s for a different product, which is FREE. Maybe buy PlyGame it’s only $32…