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:frowning: damn

(daniel harratt) #22

I have uploaded on few tutorials on the unirpg forum…

(Idcrisis Arito) #23

Nice to see you putting up videos again! I’ll be sure to check them out tonight

(Idcrisis Arito) #24

Hey I have a bit of an issue.

My player is able to push around my monster (s).
The monster is only able to attack when I run into it. If the monster runs to me it will do nothing.

Here is my blocks for the skill and on the enemy object:

EDIT: just changed the distance to 6 and in the on skill hit set that to 6. (my character still pushes past enemies though

(Marshall Heffernan) #25

The reason you can “push through” is because the NPC’s NavMeshAgent is trying to avoid collision.

Set the Priority to 0 on the NPC’s NavMeshAgent.

There are numerous reasons why an enemy would stop too soon, however it’s likely the NavMeshAgent’s stopping distance. Set it to 0 and let me know if that fixes your issues.

(Idcrisis Arito) #26

Alright thats awesome thanks

EDIT: I’m not using nav mesh for my movement. I’m using NPC simple. is they a way i can do it without adding nav mesh?

(daniel harratt) #27

When is the next set of tutorials’ coming out… Can’t wait…
Cheers dan

(uBiCa) #28


itsmars keep going… we are waiting you

(Marshall Heffernan) #29

I’m not sure, I only use NavMesh movement at the moment. If you’re still having trouble, open a new thread so that more experienced members of the community might be able to assist you.

I know.[quote=“uBiCa, post:28, topic:3586”]
we are waiting

I know.

(Leslie Young) #30

(uBiCa) #31


when will be next tutorials?

(Idcrisis Arito) #32

Tutorials take alot of planning / editing / writing. You should subscribe to his youtube channel so you get notifications when new tutorials go live.

(uBiCa) #33


upload next tuts please…

why this are looping on consol?

done = unity dungeon crawler 12 - audio overhaul and got this problem

(Marshall Heffernan) #34

They’re coming, producing a quality video takes time. I’m a Soldier in the US Army & when I get home from work, I usually just want to go to sleep, not spend hours upon hours on tutorials.

Having said that, I have a few days off for Thanksgiving and I plan on uploading a bunch, stay tuned.

Looks like you are trying to play a Sound from a Disabled Audio Source. Check your Components, one of them is disabled.

(uBiCa) #35

thanx for your answer l will try.

it’s good to hear about your work. I was a soldier to in Georgian army and i know how tired you are coming home :wink: thank you for your video tutorials they all are amazing to understand for non programers.

I checkd it’s not disabled. problem comes from empty gameobject with name AudioSource. I add this as you done in your video tutorials but when NPC is attacking me ore I level uped every time it’s show this yellow text.

(Marshall Heffernan) #36

To play a sound via a Prefab, you must use the “Play OneShot (auto)” block.

(uBiCa) #37

oky it’s work now.

thanx for answer and sorry for my mistake…

(uBiCa) #38


how to connect this to parametrs.

I want to play animation speed equil walking speed to correct movement animation.

(Marshall Heffernan) #39

You can make a new Float Parameter, in your Animator Controller.
Let’s call it “SpeedMult”.

In the inspector, where you circled in red, check the Parameter checkbox, and then choose your new Parameter from the Multiplier drop-down menu.

You will need to set the new multiplier float, via Blox, when you want to change the Animation Speed for your Walking animation.

(uBiCa) #40


got some time for my game and done this one to thanx itsmars!