Itsmars Tutorials

(uBiCa) #41

Hello itsmars.

when will be another video tutorials?

(Marshall Heffernan) #42

I don’t record on the weekdays. I have a full time job, and do this for fun
(well, it started out fun).

I do record on the weekends. If I’m not recording new videos (last weekend, for example) I’m preparing content for the next weekend.

Let’s say this weekend I record 5 new videos:

Would you want all 5 uploaded on Sunday? or
1 uploaded on monday, 1 uploaded on tuesday, 1 uploaded on wednesday, etc.

it’s the same amount of videos, just spread out.
I’m sure your response is “all at once!” so that you can watch them all on Sunday.

The problem here, is now you get to wait 1-2 weeks for the next video(s).

As @idcrisis_Arito mentioned above, these videos aren’t easy (or fun) to make.

Each episode topic needs be researched, then practiced in a separate project.
Then comes recording, editing, exporting & uploading.

itsmars Tutorials was… ambitious.

It’s a whole lot of work;
even if I uploaded 300 videos, I’m sure there would be posts asking “when is episode 301?”

All I can say / will say, is I’ll do it when I feel like it & have the time.

I won’t open a Patreon, because I already feel like I owe the community, which isn’t really a good feeling.
I do have a PayPal, which I’ll link here.

Other than that, you can support me by simply being patient while I work on new videos. :wink:

(William Ianneci) #43

@uBiCa, Here is a suggestion. Review the list of Videos to be recorded. By now, you must have some experience with Unity, Plygame and Blox. start experimenting on your own based on the topic of the next Video, see what you come up with, then you can compare it to what @itsmars creates.

You may end up with something even better and at the very least you will have learned that much more.

There are many people who will charge to make these kinds of videos, the last thing you want is to put pressure on him to the point he feels the same.

In the end, the Videos he is making have been the Best quality I have seen related to Plygame, but also to game creation itself and do not forget all the additional work he puts into Scripts and and other assets he has created.

(tequyla) #45

hi itsmars,

I’m listening yours videos and thanks you for sharing these awesome best practice to the community.

English is not my first language and your speech flow is very pleasant, it is perfect to understand, following and making at same time on our computer the tutorials. thanks for that, too.


(Francois) #46

Mars! Thanks a ton for all the effort duder! I’M LOVING THIS!

(hadiar) #47

sir i have a question what if i have character selection. ?

(Marshall Heffernan) #48

I’m doing a video about this, but if you want to give it a try now, basically you make multiple Player Prefabs (warrior, mage, thief).

Then in your Actors>Player Manager window, drop in each of your prefabs.

Then in your character select screen, you well use the “Set Player” block, to set it to the correct ID

(0=warrior, 1=mage, 2=thief).

Then, when you use the “Spawn Player” block, that’s the prefab (class) of player that will be Spawned. :slight_smile:

(hadiar) #49

my i have link of video? because lately i try but did not works :frowning: i got many error. pls can i ?

(Marshall Heffernan) #50

I haven’t recorded a video yet.

(Francois) #51

Looking forward to this!

(uBiCa) #52

when you plane record next video tutorials?

p.s i’m whaiting only inventory tutorials

(Marshall Heffernan) #53

I recorded three last weekend, they need to be edited, encoded & uploaded.

I’m running out of time, so the rest of the series will be on YouTube, sooner, rather than later.

(hadiar) #54

@itsmars Sir i have a quest. when i new game then i have a collected item on my inventory and then i save the game. and then i back to main menu then i click new game again . the item i collected still my inventory. how can i fix i dont see the item in my inventory when i click new game :frowning:

(rochas) #55

Thanks @itsmars

Your videos are great. Can´t wait for the new ones.

(uBiCa) #56


what can i say?

all your video tutorials are fantastic. every time i watch all this tutorials, in my head coming new and new ideas to make more logical games

p.s thanx you again.

(ateKna) #57

Just coming here to say thanks. Do you need any help editing videos or uploading or even bringing in more audience to your channel? Please let us know. I want to help and it looks like others would be willing too. Whatever it takes for you to share your knowledge.

(Tristan Balman) #58

Hi Marshall, I’ve just come to tell you that your tutorials have re-lit the game developer in me. Thank you so much. The effort you put into these videos is absolutely mind-blowing. Please accept my greatest of gratitude; not just for the videos, but serving your country as well as even having the time (albeit sometimes - which is perfectly understandable) to provide us with clear and straight-forward tutorials. I tip my hat to you sir.

Best regards,
Tristan Balman.

(bill) #59

I followed your 30 part RPG series this weekend, made it through about 25 of them. Really awesome stuff. Looking forward to your next video!! Thanks!!

(angell) #60

Hello, i started making all the tutorials you’ve done and i got stuck on the 29 with AreaLevel, i get an error with nulled reference regarding enemies, if i remove the plyblox line regarding [OnStart with Set Level of self to AreaLevel as Integer] everything works fine, if i add it i receive this error, could you please help me? Thank you so much, i hope you will come back making some more videos, i love them.
P.S. - I use Unity 2018.2.14f1

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
plyGame.ActorLevel_Set_plyBlock.Run (BlockReturn param) (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyRPG/Blocks/Character/Actor/ActorLevel_Set_plyBlock.cs:58)
plyBloxKit.plyEvent.Run () (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyBlox/plyEvent.cs:78)
plyBloxKit.plyBlox.RunEvent (plyBloxKit.plyEvent ev) (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyBlox/plyBlox.cs:643)
plyBloxKit.plyBlox.RunStartEvent () (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyBlox/plyBlox.cs:256)
plyBloxKit.plyBlox.Update () (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyBlox/plyBlox.cs:283)

Update, nothing is working regarding SetLevel Block, i tried something referred by someone else and is not working.

(Leslie Young) #62

The Start event is normally too early to use Blocks which access a character/Actor’s “class” data, like Attributes, or Level since the class is created during the Unity Start event in that type.

Try moving that logic into the plyRPG/Actor/On Actor Ready event.

itsmars has not been active on these forums for a year+ now and has moved on to studying gamedev so I doubt he will see this or reply.