Konstru - a Citybuilder RPG

(Der_Kevin) #1

Hey folks!
I guess now its my time to sneak peek my project. So now I want to introduce: Konstru, a Game about a Guy building up a City

So at the Moment there is no real story behind the Game. Its more a concept of mixing two Genres together. RPG and citybuilding.

So yeah. I dont know what i should say more then here is a link to the current build: http://pixelpizza.de/unity/Konstru/Konstru_Webplayer.html

One thing i would like to mention is, that i really would like to see something like a plyRTS extension since setting up the buildings, is a mess. Like defining upgrade values, building time, production, building requirements, level caps and so on are stored in blox inside the building prefab. And it would be cool if you could set them up like items and then just instantiate whenever you want and when they fit the requirements (like building x needs building y first to get build for example). So Leslie, if you need some input how this could look, i always would offer my time there :wink:

For the grid stuff iam using the grid framework from the assetstore but something directly from plygame would be even nicer. But i am thinking about getting rid oft then grid and allow total free placement.

Thats it! Cheers!

(RaiuLyn) #2

There seems to be a problem accessing the swords icon at the bottom right. Can’t load 3D map level and a couple of errors about events not triggering.

To be honest, getting the free placement is easier than doing it on grid. How I did it was:

  1. Instantiate a building prefab and make it follow the position of mouse raycast.
  2. If building prefab in green collides with something, it turns red and unable to be built.
  3. Instantiate the same building prefab onto the position of where you want to be built.

Of course, there will a bit of clipping here and there unless you have a flat terrain. Overall, it looks cool and something I would like to create one day.

(Der_Kevin) #3

Oh, The sword icon, damn i wanted to disable it because it leads you to a campaign map which is not working yet. So just ignore it :smile:

Yeah, freeplacement vor gridplacement is more a game design choice you make rather then a development choice since both worked out easier as i thought. But with grid placement you have a little bit control over how the player builds. But thanks for your input :blush:

At the Moment iam working on a different usabilty aproach: http://pixelpizza.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/konstruUX.gif

(Joe) #4

Although I have no idea how you went about setting up your building logic the things you referenced a building having with an RTS extension should be fairly easy to create now with RPG module. I personally would make any building that can be built and upgraded a NPC actor with a NO move script. That way you have access to health variable or experience for leveling it. I also imagine that you made building something a singular skill per object type. That gives you a production time(execution time) and a chance to fail the skill thru the skill blox. Also the faction manager would come in handy because a building at certain levels or production phases could enter higher factions that would alter what a player could do with it at anytime. But this is stretching RPG module to a different game type.

(Der_Kevin) #5

Thanks for the idea with the npcs and factions. That sounds pretty interesting and i should give it a try. At the Moment i use global bools, bools and bools. Hundert bools in the global settings which get checked everytime you produce and build something or upgrade. Its not very scalable but worked for this prototype :smile:

But the NPC stuff sounds fairly better. But an interface like this: http://forum.unity3d.com/attachments/screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-1-13-35-pm-png.128899/ would be awesome :wink: (its from the tower defence kit)

(Terry Morgan) #6

Nice! What was that ‘loading’ screen about, it hung up there (clicked icon at bottom right of main game screen)

(Suphavanh) #7

Gratz! Looking good so far.