Language there are two problems need to be repaired

(xcygame) #1

Hello, I found two problems about language needs to be fixed
1.First of all, in your tutorial, the text after add scripts, refresh can be shown in the language bar, but at present the latest version does not work.

2.The second, language setting has been completed, the name of the dialogue and text is not work , and only the button text will display language work well.

Above is the content and Settings。

The default language work is normal, but select English, English name and text can not display correctly

Choose English, only English button display is normal
Bother you to repair it, thanks!

(Leslie Young) #2

Grab 1.3.9 when it is up.

(xcygame) #3

That’s great!thank you very much, Leslie! :grinning::grin: