Localization wont work for some texts

(Bruno Freitas) #1

Hello I noticed that some entries won’t get updated on my game when I use Refresh Strings and doesn’t matter what text I put there they will keep returning the original. In this example anything I put under SFX volume won’t get localized.

Edit: I deleted the languages assets in order to do a clean refresh strings. Now the string that before were empty won’t even appear on the list. The other ones are normal tho.
Edit 2: Using refresh strings some times make they appear on the list, sadly putting any text for they still has no result.
Edit 3: I’ve noticed that the text entries that won’t get localized are the only ones that are out of order in the language lists.

tldr; Some dialogues only appear in the default language. They will not even appear on the language list or if they appear putting some text for they will have no effect.