Major Errors. kept spamming "failed to create folder"

(Fredrik Olsson) #1

Ply game either deleted itself or got deleted somehow by unity
or something.
since it sais it cant find the Assets.
and my “bootstrap” got deleted from building settings even tho its still there.

and it kept creating folders “system 1” to “system 181”
no idea how to fix this.
or how this happaned, i was just editing Bloxes.

(Leslie Young) #2

Did you move/rename the plyData folder or any of the folders in it?

(Fredrik Olsson) #3

i have not.
i was opening a new scene and just editing Plyboxes.
*never had a folder open
*never pressed delete.

So i opened a diffrent project folder.
and notice my Original “System” Folder got deleted. what the actual fuck.
how is that even possible?

(Fredrik Olsson) #4

but my Original System.Meta file is still there, but got over written. its a new one.

(Leslie Young) #5

Not sure what the problem could be.

If you are not running other assets that create/ modify folders in Unity then it might be that your drive is about to go. Run a scan disk to be safe and restore your project from backups.

Let me know if the folder disappear again after you opened from the restored backup.

(Fredrik Olsson) #6

When i get my backup on Thursday,
i will try document what happens more closely.
i hope it was human error tho.
even i have no idea how.

(Fredrik Olsson) #7

No idea what happened.
my back up was too old, too much work lost, a month of work gone.
so integrated the system data from the older one.
So lost all data in my plygame Loot,Skills,items,attributes,factions,classes
so at least all my work on my charachters not gone. the important ones.
going smooth at the moment.

will update. if something happens more.
i hope it was just stupid me somehow deleted it.
even tho i dont see how, since i was just using the mouse.

thank you for your time.

(Leslie Young) #8

You should try version control. Is easy to just hit that commit and push buttons at end of day and know it is backed up. You could even do this on your local machine, perhaps the repo could be on another HDD. It might be somewhat of a hassle, especially when you are not familiar with the tech and setup, but is so worth it once it is up and you know the basics.

For my setup I have another machine on my network where I set up a git server using
Installation is easy and it has a web interface similar to that of github so it is easy to add new projects.

For the client side I simply use the GitHub Desktop client to access the repos I have on my other machine. Again super easy to use since it is all UI based rather than terminal commands.