(William) #1

Hi, just a quick question about compatibility. So I do have plygame but i doubt that will work with MapNav so that’s not a big deal. However does Blox 3 work with MapNav? I currently don’t have neither but could use the function of MapNav. I can’t really code via C# so my experience is with Plygame.

So would Blox 3 and MapNav be a good combo?

(Leslie Young) #2

No. Really should not try this.
There are way too much reliance on actual scripting in MapNav to make things work correctly.

Few examples; the public override void CreateGrid<T>() override is important during map creation time. This override public override int Distance(int idx1, int idx2) is needed to tell the path finder what the cost is to move over various node types. There are plenty other reasons to stay in code with this.

(William) #3

Thanks, thats cool. I still plan on getting Blox 3, it looks awesome. Thanks again.