MapNav2 and Gaia together?


Can you use mapnav2 to make hexagon maps on top of a terrain generated by the Unity Gaia tool that creates a terrain of varying height?

I woukd like to generate a scene with a terrain containing height/elevation and then overlay a hexagon map on top of that which follows the terrian and height/elevation and make use of pathfinding and turn-based movement. I think that would be cool to couple these two assets together for excellent functionality. If this can be done then I am sold for mapnav2.

Is this possible?

(Leslie Young) #2

Sample 3 demonstrates how to use MapNav with Unity Terrain.

MapNav is better suited for flat surfaces or tiles with individual heights though.


Yeah I was checking out example 3 screenshots but wanted a little more info becuase according to the image on the unity asset store it looks like you can add a hex map the molds itself to the terrrain.

Or is this more beyond the abilities of the initial api?

(Leslie Young) #4

That is just a projector to indicate “tile” positions. The actual nodes (or tiles) will be positions with their normal pointing upward.

So the position of any of the “tiles” you see in that screenshot would be at the center of the “tile” where it touches the terrain.