MapNav2 + TilEd


Wondering if these two are meant to work together. If so, are there any resources for this purpose?


(Leslie Young) #2

Nope. But you can use them together if you like.

Think of TIleEd the same as you would the Unity Terrain painter. It is used to paint the world. Then you can add a MapNav grid and adjust it to the painted world (same way you could use a MapNav grid with a unity terrain or even just a flat plane).

There is nothing automated between TileEd and MapNav though. TileEd does not know the intent of anything you paint, except for setting the Layers and Area info you might have assigned to tiles and MapNav knows nothing about the art in the world… it is only concerned with its own grid.

[edit] btw… check the samples. During MapNav grid creation there are callback which you can override to adjust info in the node/tile. You might for example want to cast a ray to check what the mesh under it is - floor or wall - and adjust the variables in the node to indicate this. Of couse there are plenty other things one could do. In my examples I actually place tiles (art/prefabs) too but that would not be needed.