Master Audio:AAA Sound question

(Claudio Matsumoto) #1

Recetly I adquired Blox3 and Master Audio:AAA sound, but I couldn´t find a blox related to this:
MasterAudio.PlaySound(string soundGroupName, float volumePercentage, float? pitch, float delaySoundTime, string variationName);

I think that I made everything right, I have added the namespace, and checked the tree branch

I´m not sure but this might be the piece of code that I´m trying to blox.

I´m pretty green to C#, and I really appreciate any help!

Best Regards

(Leslie Young) #2

Blox is most likely having issue with the “float?”. I do not see anything else which is strange in that deceleration. Will see if I can add support for nullable params.

Will let you know …

(Claudio Matsumoto) #3

Ok! Thanks for replying!

For now I made a script to pass those values wihout “float?”.

Best Regards

(Leslie Young) #4

Grab 3.3.9 when it is up.

(Claudio Matsumoto) #5

Hi Leslie,

I tested this new version and worked like a charm!

Thank you!