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Greetings, i’m using TileEd to create maps for my game. It’s a tile-based game and I rely on the meta data field of tiles and props heavily to define properties for each individual tile. However, I’ve noticed that when I change the meta field in a tile/prop, they are not updated in my maps. I’ve tried to refresh the tile layers but that doesn’t seem to help. The old meta data is still visible inside the corresponding .asset file that is generated for the map. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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It simply don’t work like that. The meta, layers, tags, and static info is applied when you place the tile so that data need to be correct before you start placing.

I will check if it would be possible to add an option to update this data after a change in the tile set.


Thanks, that would be appreciated. :slight_smile: I have implemented a work-around for now. I’ve made a editor extension that takes a tile-ed map, iterates through the hierarchy and examines each tile and prop looking for my custom components that hold the meta data I need. Then saving the result into a separate xml file that I can later read into the game.

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Think I misunderstood the problem.

Are you talking about the meta field you can edit in the TileSet Editor?


That data is not placed in the tile GameObject in the scene. It is only ever available in the tile’s definition TileEdTile and the map asset TileEdMapTile.

I guess you refer to the data in TileEdMapTile not being updated. The recreate tool won’t fix that. I will have to add something which goes through all the map assets and update the field on each tile.

New button will be in Update 1.3.2



Yes, that’s exactly what I mean and thanks for adding the button! :slight_smile: